You can't say Infolinks pays peanuts per click anymore.. Here's why..

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You can't say Infolinks pays peanuts per click anymore.. Here's why..

Note that from now on (they announced it in september) Infolinks doesn't show the number of clicks anymore, so that nobody can know how low they pay per click.. Plus they now base their eCPM value on the number of impressions of a mouseover, not on the number of times an infolink link was displayed on our pages, so of course that's 2 advantages for them:
1. Can't see clicks so you don't know how low they CPC is
2. eCPM value calculated on how many times a link has been rolled over with the mouse and not on how many times you displayed pages with infolinks on it, so of course the eCPM value is greatly increased, artificially..

Why they didn't think of that before, that's the real question.. :-)

Anyway, we don't care, we know infolinks is low paying like Kontera and others, we use them because we will take any money that come our way, no matter how little money it is..

To give you their own hypocritical version you can read it on their blog, of course they don't mention the two advantages for them, no they say it is for your own benefit..

I give you the link to the blog because honestly I have other things to do thatn talk about it, I couldn't care less:

Note that their Infolinks Mobile App still show clicks, even for this month and today, so that's more proof that they're talking bullshit when they say that now you're earning by number of views and not by clicks, but for sure that will be corrected in the future app update, so you can't see your clicks anymore even if nothing else has changed at Infolinks, they're just playing with words.. But I don't blame them, if I was the owner of infolinks you'd understand what dictatorship really is! They are still nice compared to me.. :-)

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