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Yahoo / Bing Publisher Network managed by

Yes today there is a news that Yahoo will re-open it's YPN (Yahoo Publisher NEtwork) that they closed in 2010 after 5 years of beta without ever accepting publishers outside US/Canada..
Those losers have now decided to make a partnership with who will be managing the relationship with publishers (so Yahoo doesn't have to talk to us) and will be a third party, so that means less share of the ad revenue for the publishers.
They want to be competitor of AdSense but they don't give themselves the means..
Once again they want websites which have traffic mainly from US/CA and UK.. Which means they still don't have advertisers outside of those countries..

So, really do you want to try? In this case you should go to and submit an application. What is going to happen after you gave all your information? Nothing, because they will tell you that they'll start sending out invitation only from the 15th October 2012 and that they will review the site(s) you submitted at the time of the application.

So what is likely to happen is that you'll get denied access and that will be the end of it, but they'll have your email and information (name, address, phone number) so they can sell it or use it for whatever they wish to.

Yahoo has stopped its publisher network in 2010, but they also stopped being a search engine after another partnership with Bing. Now all they do is displaying ads.

Don't believe that I am negative, not at all, I'm glad there is some sort of world level competition to AdSense, even if it is only just hope and the hope will be broken soon after the first feedback reviews from publishers will come.

In 2012 AdSense is now the top earner in ads, last year it was facebook and the year before it was still Yahoo. Now Yahoo is going to be third. So maybe they want to reverse this downward trend and come back to better earnings and market share.

I don't know. I've submitted an application with but I don't think I will be accepted, because I submitted only one site and not one which gets any significant traffic from anywhere like US/CA/UK.

Plus I'm more interested in trying to make money with affiliate marketing or internet marketing now, so although I find that a good news, I would like to give affiliate marketing a good go of several months and see if I can succeed with it. I have read about several very successful affiliate marketers who don't want to put adsense on their site, they prefer to sell their own products and affiliate products via email and via their websites.

Personally I liked adsense because it was easy money, just needed traffic from search engines, but it's true that I was too dependant on them, on their rules, and always in fear of being in violation of their TOS and getting banned. Well in the end they banned me last july for a bogus reason: one or several of my sites were crap, which one(s) I'll never know since that was the end of it, they never replied anything meaningful.. Also why ban me instead of disabling the ads on the said site(s) who knows, probably nobody, not even the monkey who pressed the ban button!

So although I liked adsense, I was getting very lazy, since the ban I took a month holiday and now I'm committed to getting my earnings to the level they were with adsense. But this time with affiliate marketing.
I've set one first goal it is $2,000 per month with Clickbank. It is way below the level of earnings I had with adsense, but I need to start somewhere and it will take me months to learn the skills required for affiliate marketing which are quite different from simply displaying ads.

But back to the topic of the re-opening of Yahoo Bing Network via if you'd like to read more information about it, there are people who write seriously and don't disgress at every sentence:
And for a report / forecast of ad earnings from the big players Yahoo, Facebook and Google:

Are you going to apply for an account at to give them a try? Anyway it's going to start only in 2 weeks for the early birds, so don't be in a hurry.. :-)

Well we're now 29th october and I have heard nothing back from, no thank you, no screw you, nothing..

I guess it's another success story.. It's off a good start anyway..
Yahoo / Bing / = losers.

It seems yahoo/bing have a secret contract with Google for NOT competiting in contextual ads..
I don't think there is another reasonable explanation for such a lack of common sense..
Don't they read financial reports? Don't they know that Google is making the vast majority of its earnings via adwords/adsense?

Or maybe yahoo/bing already have too much money.

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