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Authors. The geniuses that create the work we love to read. Find out more about these paragons of writing virtue. (42% complete, at least 115 words missing)
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These are the five hubs that have generated the most responses from readers since they've been published, and some of them haven't even been live that long.
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Freelancer.com is a great site for gaining experience in writing online and making contacts for future work. Bidding on projects give you the opportunity to set your own income and hours by matching your skills with the available positions at Freelancer.com (94% complete, at least 12 words missing)

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These 3 hubs have received more comments than any of my other hubs so far. And two of them are less than a month old. That's saying something! Check them out for yourself and see if you think they're worth commenting on. (95% complete, at least 10 words missing)
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Here you can find the best Social Bookmarking Sites! (52% complete, at least 96 words missing)
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This is a list of three of my "best hubs" according to HubPages' hub scoring system. (81% complete, at least 37 words missing)

How Much Money Does Dreamaker Make?

Dreamaker is an article writer for Info Barrel and several other article directories. Working in the Internet marketing field for several years as a part time entrepreneur, dreamaker now has taken the writing gig full time. Available for freelance writing work as well as content production and rewrites, dreamaker1969@yahoo.com can be contacted at any time....
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These are the three best Infobarrel articles that I've written. (54% complete, at least 92 words missing)
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These are my top 20 hubs published on HubPages so far. They are mostly on health and mental health topics. I branch out to poetry, history, travel, business and romance as well. (99% complete, at least 1 words missing)
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There are numerous websites that share revenue out of ads with successful publishers. These are according to me the best 5. (18% complete, at least 163 words missing)