Water pitcher for filtering water
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It is estimated that 84% of Americans are in some form of dehydration at any given time. Most Americans do not even drink their recommended 64 ounces of water any given day, and that number is for an average 128 pound person. If you are heavier, more active or both you may need significantly more water. Not consuming enough water could leave you lethargic,...
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Here are a few articles that give some of my best long term investing ideas. It takes more than luck to prepare for your future and you certainly can't expect social security, the racetrack, or the lottery to bail you out many years from now. I like to imagine the FUTURE ME telling the present me to think ahead... which is very logical when it comes...
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Water is a necessity. It's vital for consumption as well as for bathing. Unfortunately, a lot of the water that is readily available to us has a lot of contaminants. In some instances, it's just excessive hard minerals that aren't harmful to your health but can be harmful to equipment and fixtures in your home. In other instances, there are unwanted...
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Change your Water Change your Life
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It is a fact that if you want to be healthier, there are changes that must be made. Water is the source of all life, yet tap water and even bottled water are highly acidic and unhealthy for our bodies. Kangen water has been used in Japan for over 50 years, for healing and restoring health to many. Alkaline water has been proven to detoxify, hydrate...
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