Strongest and Powerful armies 2014
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Last days all channels of the world, in different countries and in different languages , are showing the same videos , same news of what happening in the Middle east, Iraq, Gaza, and in the west of the Ukraine. Wars, Revolutions, protests... In cafes , restaurants, gyms even at work we are talking only about that, and asking ourselves : Why war ? who is doing...
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Dogfights in world war 2
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Creator: worldwar42 referred by Alison Graham
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If you are looking for the top dogfights in World War II, then you are on the right spot. Today I am going to give you the top dog fights in world war 2. Know the aces and their planes and know their tactics.
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World War 1 Stories
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Here are the top World War 1 Stories and Pictures worth to read and worth to watch. World War 1 is considered as the most brutal War in the World, where thousands died in just months of battle. Now check the top 5 websites that tackle world war 1 stories and actions.
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The superpowers are now gearing-up for new powerful weapons and what is interesting it is made stealth. Outdated weapons are now sold in third-world countries the new ones are being modified and added with stealth features. So here are the top sites that will give you information on today's new stealth weapons!
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World War 2 stories
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If you are looking for World War 2 stories and World War II tales this is the right spot. I will give you three top world war 2 stories of old time. Visit the sites and enjoy!
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China distroyers
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The tension in South China Sea or West Philippine Sea is growing rapidly China is increasing their Military spending to complete their Carrier Fleet to level with the US Navy. Other countries are preparing too such as Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. China becomes a threat to her neighbors they ignore international laws and wants to take the entire...
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Memorial day is very essential to most Americans. Memorial day brings the past as the topic for new discussion. So here are top 3 Memorial day stories worth to read. Bring back the past to your Memorial day forums and meetings.
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How Much Money Does Tony Blair Make?

The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom makes a very good living by just being himself - a controversial ex-politician. He made an unforgettable entry by displaying a 'genuine' sobbing and crying show in front of the crowd of supporters, marked his mandates with a ballooning economy, instigated an unnecessary war and left unscathed shoveling...
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Publisher: The Icon Murphy
This will be a list of my top 3 must watch series that I've enjoyed and recommend if you haven't checked them out already.
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Saving Private Ryan
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Composed by TilenHrovatic
This list is dedicated to one of my favorite movie genres - War Movies. I think that war movies have the soul of their own and they bring feelings no other movie can. So here are my top five war movies. (28% complete, at least 143 words missing)