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It's that time of year for back to school. Teachers are getting ready and parents are likely relieved that it's back to school and the family can get back into a routine. New school year means new teachers and new curriculum and a chance for a new opportunity to set the tone for success, for teachers and parents. Teachers want new ideas to set the tone...
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Parents evenings are often viewed by teachers as a horrible chore, making you stay in school for a 12/13 hour day, having to speak to parents, a few of whom will forget what you said as soon as they leave the table. However, we all agree they are a neccesary evil. Parents are an incredibly important part of the education process and according to the DFES...
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Supply teaching can be a great job. I did it for two years in both secondary and primary school and I enjoyed (almost) every minute. The freedom is fantastic. No planning lessons, parents' evening, school meetings, phone calls home etc, the holidays are completely yours unlike full time teachers and if you do need a day off for any reason, you don't...
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A Preceptor/Teacher Can Either Build a Student/Orientee Up or Tear Them Down.
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Preceptors and Clinical Teachers alike can either boost a new orientee up in confidence or tear them down and rob them of every ounce of self esteem they ever had. Being a preceptor is a highly important responsibility.
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How Much Money Does Average Arizona School teacher salary Make?

How sad is it that the average school teacher salary is sooo low. This really shows how undervalued our education system really is.
Teachers change the world one student at a time.
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Do you want to become a teacher? Do you want to know what to buy the teacher? Here are some articles that tell you a bit about the education world from a teacher. (74% complete, at least 51 words missing)