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What exactly is happiness? Is it a mindset? Is it a way of living? Is it a mood? Is it just for other people? Can we increase it? Happiness is definitely a state of mind. It is not by with a better job, improved relationships, or more money. It is more about your approach to life. To understand happiness, you need to understand human nature. We actually...
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The importance of your well-being is always a high priority. There are activities, actions and people that help uplift, improve and inspire your life on a personal level. How you choose to pamper your spirit will impact your everyday living. Personal hobbies, travel and spending time with loved ones are fun things to do that affect the quality and happiness...
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Positive Motivational Quotes
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These top 20 positive motivational quotes are from the late, great Zig Ziglar...As a motivational speaker and top notch sales professional and corporate trainer, Ziglar definitely reached the masses with his words of wisdom... My favorite all time quote of the many top Zig Ziglar quotes is, "You are where you are and what you are because of the decisions...
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Zig Ziglar
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Zig Ziglar, who died at the age of 86, was an amazing multiple award winning motivational speaker and personal development coach who truly fulfilled the American dream by going from "rags to riches", having been raised primarily by his widowed mother...Ziglar was a World War II veteran whose career began in sales and then skyrocketed to fame with his motivational...
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With the increasing pace and complexity of modern life, many people like to take the time to reflect and meditate on what really motivates them, and what really fulfills them. In essence, they are trying to discover who they are amidst all of the different influences and messages that swirl around in the culture. Many methods exist that aid this process,...
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Sample Personal Development Plan
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This Top 10 Best Self Help Books Review will help you select the best books for your own personal growth. I've read and studied each book extensively, and have authored one which fills a void I found in the vast market of self-help material. As a life coach and author of over 600 articles on the topics of personal growth and development, I draw heavily...
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What does it mean to improve your life? Although this means different things to different people, there are certain things that many of us will agree on. Improving your life means finding ways to be healthier, stop our bad habits, take up good habits, maintain our finances and live in homes and communities that bring us joy. This series of articles...
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It's all in the mindset. Teach yourself how to think positive to successfully reach a higher standard. Personal power, positive thoughts and actions help bring you to where you want to be. (95% complete, at least 10 words missing)