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TYPO3 Resources
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TYPO3 is a multifunctional CMS that differs from all other popular PHP-powered open source systems. TYPO3 is perfect for information-rich and large corporate websites. In the list below I provide top TYPO3 resources useful for developers. (50% complete, at least 99 words missing)
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Those are the top 10 open source projects on SourceForge as of february 2011.
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CMS PHP Scripts
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Author: Alliax

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DreamHost is my personal favorite web hosting company in the US ( ) and in January 2011 they ran a survey asking their customers which CMS PHP Scripts and Apps they would like to see on their admin panel (as one click installs) and here is the result... You can investigate each CMS as they are very interesting open source...
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best graphic software
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This category, as the name suggests, is for all Graphic Application Software that is used for graphic design, multimedia development, specialized image development, general image editing, or simply to access graphic files.
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ecommerce easy
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This category is reserved for the type of web applications that simplify buying and selling of products on the Internet. (53% complete, at least 93 words missing)
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All Open Source projects, that have had its first release date less than two years from 9 August, 2010, were eligible to participate in this category. (69% complete, at least 62 words missing)