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Facial cleansing is part of good skin care and sets the stage for the rest of a good skin care regimen. Historically face washing has been done with water, soap and a washcloth. Soap has been used for centuries because it breaks up oil and dirt particles. In more recent years, it has been discovered that soap can dry and irritate skin. Skin care companies...
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Acne is a side effect of having oily skin and is an often embarrassing problem for teens all the way up to people in their forties. It is very easy to feel defeated by your skin and that nothing you are doing is effective at combating the problem. But the fact is, you do not necessarily have to see a dermatologist or spend thousands on lotions and products....
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Not everybody's skin is the same. That is why it is important to choose the right skin care according to your skin type. Read these articles to find out what skin type you are and what is the best cleansing, moisturizing, sunscreen and wrinkle treatment for your skin type
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If you have oily skin it is important to choose a sunscreen formula that won't clog up your pores. Here is a list of the best sunscreen for oily skin. (87% complete, at least 25 words missing)
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If you have oily skin you really have to be careful which moisturizers you use. Last thing you want is to have oilier skin. Best moisturizers for oily skin tend to be oil free and non-greasy. Here is the list for top moisturizers for oily skin. (37% complete, at least 126 words missing)
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Have oil skin? Looking for a perfect cleanser. Well here is the list for best cleansers for oily skin. (25% complete, at least 150 words missing)