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Trolling the internet every once in awhile you run into a conspiracy so great you cannot imagine it to be true. I have 3 videos of the top 3 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories that you may or may not have heard of. When talking conspiracies it is always up to the provider to prove the theory with evidence and then the conspiracy turns into reality. Get ready...
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How Much Money Does Bill Gates Make?

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An admitted advocate of mass murder, Bill Gates has publicly suggested that mass murder and mass sterilization are the answers to the overpopulation problem. Google it...he actually publicly discussed this...I suppose solving such a serious societal issue deems him worthy of his ginormous income...
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According to polls, most Americans believe in the existence of some conspiracy theories, which may explain the launching of ever more conspiracy blogs and websites. Although a Google search will show 15,700,000 results for conspiracy blogs, the list bellow represents my top 10 choices for conspiracy related issues.
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