A Preceptor/Teacher Can Either Build a Student/Orientee Up or Tear Them Down.
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Preceptors and Clinical Teachers alike can either boost a new orientee up in confidence or tear them down and rob them of every ounce of self esteem they ever had. Being a preceptor is a highly important responsibility.
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Most people have heard of standardized tests such at the GED and SAT, but there are tests/exams that people need to pass in order to have an opportunity at acquiring a good job. For example, after nurses graduate from years of training, they need to pass a national licensing exam if they want to become "registered" nurses. It would be helpful if people...
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Cartoons on this topic are ideal from both a patient or a professional standpoint (doctors, physicians, nurses, healthcare workers etc.) as they can be used as a communications tool for emphasizing a point or helping to relay and understand information. Ideally, they can be used as a tool for physicians or those in PR for a hospital and are used in PowerPoint...
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