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Top three ways to take a screenshot with the Galaxy Note 4. If you just bought Samsung Galaxy Note 4. than I suppose you wonder how to make a screenshot on it right? So, how to make a screenshot on Galaxy Note 4? Follow my steps, I also had a little fight to do that :)
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Android is an open source operating system for mobile devices has been developed by Google. This new a lot of rumors in the mobile market. Be completely open, this mobile platform enables application developers to unleash their creativity and at the same time offers end users the privilege to experience the freedom to experience new possibilities. Now... (71% complete, at least 57 words missing)
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Hey....what makes iphone unbeatable??? (49% complete, at least 102 words missing)

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What's more better than using a smart cell phone against your laptop? WHAOOO! isn't it great? Many Cell phones are available to give you lots more stuff in addition to make a call and text. Here are ten top rated cell phones with smart features and classy appearance.. (44% complete, at least 112 words missing)
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The number of jailbroken apps are growing at a rapid pace and it was not an easy task, so here you can see top 5 best jailbroken apps list
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Every year comes with a number of smartphones or range of models developed by many mobile companies worldwide. But there are few that stand out, among others, and reach the top list is released each year. Therefore, the ten best smartphones of the year 2010-11 in terms of having the best camera with spectacular results listed below.
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There are many cell phones to chose. Here I provide you top 8 phones that I have touch with, rated on their performance / price ratio. (56% complete, at least 88 words missing)