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I'm a Freelance writer and love to write on a number of topics but mainly on Meditation, Yoga, Law of Attraction & stuff.

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Three particular practices have proven useful to the author, resulting in the mollification of various forms of stress and anxiety, a healthier sense of self-esteem, and the riddance of superfluousness in various forms.
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Written by Sancheo

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Often I find that my mind is clouded over, and I cannot seem to find my way. I also find myself surrounded by negativity if I dare tread out my house. How to cope with negativity is important to me, as if I entertain it for too long, I may loose my way, become despondent and not be constructive to anybody, especially not myself. These are some of the thoughts...
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Free Meditation Tips
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Meditation is transformational skill that can help you create a healthy life and build an over all sense of wellbeing. Practicing regularly can in fact help you inculcate better self-discipline and awareness; the only things you need to enjoy the benefits of meditation are patience and dedication. Honestly, isn’t that true for almost everything in life? How...
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Suffering from long, tedious work hours, inappropriate/uncomfortable working conditions, undue work pressures, confusion in terms work opportunities, unhappy personal and professional life and if success is what you are looking for, then meditation is the key you need. Meditation wouldn’t just help you getting rid of miseries but also it will also...
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