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Football is love. Football is passion. I've followed football since I was a small kid, and since I was falling in love with it. My passion for my favourite teams remains as strong as ever. There were some great teams I remember fondly. No, I haven't been able to see all great teams, and I might miss some bloody obvious choices. The list is a purely...
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Manchester United Football Club (The Red Devils) is one of the greatest English and world football clubs located at Old Trafford stadium in Manchester, currently the largest stadium on the island, (76,212 seats) which is owned by any club. United is the most successful club in England in the last 20 years since the establishment of the Premier League...
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How Much Money Does Sir Alex Ferguson Make?

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Sir Alex Ferguson was born to Alexander and Elizabeth on December 31, 1941 in Glasgow, Scotland. He managed the Scotland national football team for a brief period in 1986 before he moved to the Aberdeen Football Club. On November 6, 1986, Sir Alex Ferguson took up as the manager of Manchester United and Since then he has won many Title and Major awards...

How Much Money Does Nemanja Vidic Make?

Nemanja Vidic is one of the best defender at current time. He is a Serbian footballer who is currently playing for the ENGLISH giant club manchester united. He alone stopped many deadly strikers from scoring goals and brought success for Red devils. He is earning only 7 million. In my opinion he deserves more than that for his hard work.

How Much Money Does Wayne Rooney Make?

English footballer wayne rooney who plays for manchester united earns more than 22 million US dollars per year. What do you think about it?

How Much Money Does Wayne Rooney Make?

Wayne Rooney, football star of the famous English club, Manchester United earns more than 314k a week! Usually strikers have high income but this is enormous pay check. He is only 25 years old but he plays since 2002 in Premier League. It is quite impressive, right? Rooney began his carreer at Everton but in 2004 he joined the Red Devils. He was member...

How Much Money Does Cristiano Ronaldo Make?

Cristiano Ronaldo, football star of the famous Spanish club, Real Madrid gets the highest check of all the football players. He earns two times more than Wayne Rooney from Manchester United! It is quite impressive, right? Messi, Kaka, Ibrahimovic are close to him but cannot beat his pay check.

How Much Money Does David Beckham Make?

It was on the 1st of September 1996 at the age of 21 that David Beckham made his international debut representing England. He played as the captain for six years from the year 2000 until the year 2006. His hundredth cap was against France on the 26th March 2008. He started at the age of seventeen, by signing up with Manchester United and then with...
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Alex Ferguson needs no introduction and this article is about Sir Alex Ferguson's top quotes.
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