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Hello again, and thanks for reading! As Christmas is around the corner, and I have a 12 year old to think of, I have been surfing for ideas that will work together with the technology I have at my disposal. There are so many new gadgets to consider out there, most of which are costing an arm and a leg, but then there are places such as Humble Bundle,...
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Apple Mac Software to install, coming from 20 years of PC Windows

As soon as I came back to France I went to the electronic shop and bought a Mac Book Pro.
I have a Mac Air 11" since over a year, I use it as a bedtime video player and morning web browser :-)

But otherwise, since 1993 I only have had Windows PC, before that it was Atari and Amiga but that's so long ago now..

Anyway I've decided that in 2013 I'll try to switch to Apple almost exclusively for the computer usage. Now I've invested quite a lot in this Mac Book Pro (15.4" retina display, 512GB SSD, Intel I7, 2.6Ghz, 1GB graphic card, etc.)

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Download all antivirus software for your PC, Mac and Windows XP system, Windows7, Linux operating between the best 10 anti-virus software available today on the Internet. The list of the best antivirus software has all kinds of popular antivirus programs you are looking for your computer system. All antivirus programs listed here are used for the Home...
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My name is Norel and just recently I started to write. Before that, I always like anything to do with computer. I can fix some minor problems that my computer has like upgrade windows, hard drive, rebooting etc. Below are 3 articles about computer that I want to share with you. (33% complete, at least 134 words missing)
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Mac app bundle sites offer bundles of Mac software for a discount but you can only get them for a limited amount of time. These bundles vary in price with some around $10 and others are around $50 or even more. Many times the value of a bundle is in the hundreds of dollars! If you want to find out the latest Mac Bundles available now check out Current...
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How to set up a new Mac and for a new Mac user and then to get a microphone and start podcasting. Switching and learning about being a podcaster (54% complete, at least 92 words missing)
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This is a list of the top 5 video games for Christmas 2010. (26% complete, at least 147 words missing)
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This article talks about the 5 best pieces of software you can get for free. Links to download are included (28% complete, at least 144 words missing)