7 Steps to True Happiness
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In our search for self-realization and personal development we constantly find ideas that aim to help us define our dreams and goals clearly and concisely. One such tool is for example in visualizations using a demonstration board, or just write what we want. The problem with this approach is that usually the "gurus" of the subject always tend to give...
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It happens to all of us; we are going about our day when the power goes out. Storms, problems with the electric box outside and domestic issues (such as blowing a fuse) can cause us to go several hours without electricity. In the age where checking our Facebook and catching up on our favorite television shows are important, this can cause a bit of panic....
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Healthy Living and Lifestyle
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"The human is a purposeful being, and the study of mechanical principles alone will reveal only a fraction of the entire spectrum of his movements - perhaps the fraction of least significance." Philip J. Rasch, PhD and Roger K. Burke, PhD
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I had to make my own list of 20 things i would want to do before i die so i can get back to it one day and see how did i do. List could go forever actually, but we can only write 20 things here so here we go...
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You, of course, know Google Suggest. You begin to type on the Google bar, and Google tries to guess what you're typing. That's Google Suggest. Google makes a guess based on the words most often typed by people on Google. There are a lot of people asking questions like "When was the last time you felt happy, the last time you laughed, the last time...
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Society and Culture
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Living on this earth needs our flexible understanding why we are living here on this planet called earth. We need these moral values, for us to reach-out the essence of living. These articles have a lesson on whatever culture you are belong. The core insight is for you to decide being a man.
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devil woman cartoon
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Women have an idea to themselves of the way they look and feel, as an essence to womanhood. Sometimes, they are too hard on themselves (seeing only the incipient double chin and ignoring the neat ankles), while at other times, they may try self-deception (picking clothes that are too small because they refuse to admit that they have put on weight)....
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unit linked life insurance
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Development of time changed very rapidly with the development of technology and other industries just like the insurance industry especially life insurance. A variety of new life insurance products are also offered by life insurance companies. Life insurance products previously offered only the Traditional Life Insurance which is Term Life Insurance,...
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A touchy subject at best, yet one Wayne had to face, as do we all. (29% complete, at least 141 words missing)
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Yes, Wayne struggled with his own internal demons, who us do not. Yet he rose above them...well, most of them anyway! (43% complete, at least 114 words missing)