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So, you're looking for a new high paying niche topic to write on. You may have even spent an hour or two or more searching the Internet for the latest trends. I sometimes catch myself getting side-tracked doing so and then it's suddenly dark out and I haven't written a single word. It stinks having A.D.D. sometimes. Okay, so let's refocus on the top 5 web traffic...
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What are the most searched for keywords on Google? Google's Trends tells you!

Google Insights is now merged with Google Trends, so I created several pages showing the most searched for keywords on Google, with several date periods and countries, US, CA, UK, AU and Worldwide..

So one can easily get an overview of what's going on. I also added a date period of last year, same date period, for the 2 and 4 upcoming months, so you can predict the future of popular searches up to a certain extend of course..

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Clickbank Contextual Ads: how to use CBProAds as an AdSense alternative

Since I bought cbproads's lifetime membership on 2nd september 2012, two days before the final decommissioning of Clickbank's HopAd Builder, I have been looking at all they have on offer, but what I want to talk about now is the only reason why I bought it in the first place: to make a truly contextual widget which works like adsense..

What is the difference?

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The top 4 keywords or phrases for relating to Web Designers in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This is a quick list of the sorts of searches people looking for web designers enter into Google when they search. While this sort of information is likely to be easily come by from most web professionals, it is still incredibly useful information. Here is a simple...
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These top 20 highest paying keywords on this list of 25 top paying Google AdSense or AdWords keywords are based on the highest paying Google Ads.for the year 2011. If you own / run a website, write a blog, article, or the lens, then you certainly should have, at some point in time. thought of using the issues that relate to the highest paid keywords....
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In the holiday season at the end of the year, a lot of activity is going on everywhere and also on the web. What are the most clicked-on keywords you might ask? Here they are... (63% complete, at least 73 words missing)