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What are the most searched for keywords on Google? Google's Trends tells you!

Google Insights is now merged with Google Trends, so I created several pages showing the most searched for keywords on Google, with several date periods and countries, US, CA, UK, AU and Worldwide..

So one can easily get an overview of what's going on. I also added a date period of last year, same date period, for the 2 and 4 upcoming months, so you can predict the future of popular searches up to a certain extend of course..

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I was involved in creating website since 1999 and blog somewhere in 2004. I'm admit not an expert but i have faced so many problem and that problem make me almost perfect and stronger. HTML is always a first choice and good tool to build your website or blog. Today we have so many so called content management software (CMS) which is almost automated...
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You can find such top lists everywhere. What does it means exactly? These keywords are taken from Adwords, they are the highest bid that some advertisers are ready to pay for a single click. So some Adsense publishers are interested in them because they want to get the most money out of a click. The problem is that those keywords have a lot of competition...
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