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Twitter is a widely used social tool to discover and share with the world whats happening now. Twitter is a great way to see what your favorite celebrities and athletes are doing and saying. These are the top 5 most popular athletes on Twitter today. (40% complete, at least 119 words missing)
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For the seventh consecutive year, Sports Illustrated (SI.com) has compiled a list of the 50 top-earning American athletes, as well as 20 highest earning international athletes by salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees. This year, the five highest paid soccer players in the world are:
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How Much Money Does Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Kaka) Make?

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Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, more commonly known as Kaka to fans, rounds out the top five. Kaka, 27, hails from Brazil and plays as a midfielder for Real Madrid this year. Before teammate Ronaldo’s Real Madrid deal, Kaka also spent time at the top of the highest-paid players list.