Kinds of red ant
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Do you know that kinds red ant or called semut rangrang (Oecophylla smaragdina) has economic value significantly. The cultivation kinds of red ant nowadays has been perforated by the breeders and are expanded as source of family's income due to its cultivation don't need to spend high cost and easy to implement it. This kind of ant could be found any where...
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We have a natural guide, we only need look to find the way.
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In our ever busy cycles of dealing with life's realities that often catch us unawares, it is essential to reconsider what it is we are searching for, what it is that is blinding us to our true inner selves, and to regain our direction, or inner selves. Through means of tarot and sacred scriptures, I have decided to share with you my meditations on finding...
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Often I find that my mind is clouded over, and I cannot seem to find my way. I also find myself surrounded by negativity if I dare tread out my house. How to cope with negativity is important to me, as if I entertain it for too long, I may loose my way, become despondent and not be constructive to anybody, especially not myself. These are some of the thoughts...
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Here are a few collections of quotes. All these collections have one thing in common and that is the inspirational nature of these quotes. (84% complete, at least 31 words missing)
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