Rosemary herb
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These are the top 20 alternative remedies for many different conditions, ranging from chronic pain to heartburn.
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Herbs or herbal therapy has an important role when dealing with depression naturally. (28% complete, at least 142 words missing)
Herbal Remedies
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If you're looking for the best herbs to use for herbal remedies, you've come to the right place. These 3 herbs are my top picks simply because they can help cure such a large variety of ailments. (67% complete, at least 65 words missing)
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Want to become and stay healthy? Strive for optimum health. Educate yourself and get free health tools and information from these sites.
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Growing fresh herbs is easy and rewarding. Even if you only have a tub or a window box you can grow fresh herbs that will transform your meals from dull to special. Use herbs in herb recipes and salads. Use your fresh garden herbs for herb teas and herbal remedies. Herbs look pretty too. Herbs can be made into homemade gifts such as pot pourri, or herb...
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Tenerife and the other Canary Islands,off the north-west coast of Africa, have a wealth of endemic species of herbs. Many of these plants have medicinal and culinary properties and have been used in traditional herbalism and folk medicine.
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