Harry Potter

How Much Money Does Daniel Radcliff Make?

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Daniel Radcliff is one of UK's best actors. He got famous with playing Harry Potter in the Harry Potter saga and has til date had a bunch of other great roles.
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint/Wikimedia Commons
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The Harry Potter books and subsequent movies starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, have been wildly popular among audiences of all ages. However, many in the Christian community have felt the books might not be suitable for young readers and viewers or ANY readers and viewers because of the supernatural content which deals heavily...
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For the last 10 years J. K. Rowling has brought us 7 fantastic books: The Harry Potter Series. If you like Harry Potter then you'll love these t-shirts. Since Harry found out that he was a wizard he has learnt so much about himself, his friends, being a wizard, and the community that he inadvertently save from destruction when he was but a wee baby... (97% complete, at least 6 words missing)
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I love watching tv shows, there are loads of tv shows out there but there are only a select few shows I would wake up in the middle of the night for. (88% complete, at least 24 words missing)
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The top list is about the best books for teenagers and is based on my opinion and internet research. (68% complete, at least 63 words missing)

How Much Money Does Robert Pattinson Make?

Born in England on May 13, 1986 Robert Pattinson's claim to fame is the Twilight Movie series and Harry Potter. He was named one of Time Magazine's most 100 influential people of the world in 2010. Pattinson also dates and his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.
Harry Potter iPad Cases
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Do you like Harry Potter and other characters from Harry Potter movies and books. Below you can find my top 5 iPad cases with designs related to these cool stories. This is the official Harry Potter merchandise so you can expect top quality products and best prices online! (76% complete, at least 47 words missing)
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Hundreds of books are published either on paper or online every month – so what makes a book so popular that makes it a best seller? I am sure you can think of several reasons. In my opinion, the book must connect with the emotions of the person reading it. The book can take you to places you have never been, make you deathly scared, laugh or even...
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Here are some great kids books for your little ones to enjoy. Create your own Best Reviews HERE (25% complete, at least 150 words missing)
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The last instalment of Harry Potter series "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" has already created box office records since its release. The first Harry Potter movie was released in 2001, which was an adaption of J.K. Rowling's bestseller. Here are some best ways to watch online legally the adventures of most famous wizard and his best friends. (51% complete, at least 98 words missing)