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Most people these days do not get enough fruit in their diet. The irony of this is that it the characteristics of a food that most people want can be found in fruits. Yet a large percentage of the population chooses to eat pre-packaged and highly processed garbage foods instead. Fruit is cheap, readily available, portable, and easy to eat. It also...
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Different fruits are delicious and healthy snacks that should be a vital part of everyone's diet. However, sometimes it is difficult to know whether a fruit is ripe and while a ripe fruit is delicious and under-ripe or over-ripe fruit is not as tasty. Check out these easy guides as to tell if fruits are ripe.
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How Much Money Does The Annoying Orange Make?

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Even an orange can be rich! By spitting seeds and annoying all kind of fruits, The Annoying Orange tops all fruit in terms of salary. Can you defeat an Orange? He's rich.