how to have a successful yard sale
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When spring arrives and you get into the cleaning mood, very often we opt for a garage sale (or yard sale) to get rid of our clutter and make a little bit of money. There is no denying that having a garage sale is not rocket science, however there are a few key points which will help you turn your ok sale into a wonderful sale. Knowing these 10 tips...
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Ebay and Amazon are the two leading online retailers, selling everything from books to DVDs, technology, household goods and furniture. You can furnish every room in your home using just these two sites, without ever having to leave the comfort of your chair. Buyers and sellers alike flock to both sites. But are they equal, or is one better than the other? But...
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These are the most popular searches on eBay today, as reported by pulse.ebay.com, which tracks the number of eBay searches in various categories, as well as the largest eBay stores, as determined by which store has the most eBay listings. If you buy anything on eBay, you can get paid commissions for your eBay purchases, and purchases made by others... (69% complete, at least 62 words missing)
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There are many ways of earning money online. One really good way is with eBay and here are many tips and tricks to help you earn money with eBay. Also there are a number of articles about earning money online. the more you read, the more knowledgeable you are, the more likely you are to earn an online income. (75% complete, at least 50 words missing)
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After Google Panda took most of my online money, I specialized in Amazon Associates. Today June 29th 2011 is a sad day as that income has now stopped. After thinking about it for a while, there are other ways to earn money online. This is what I'm planning on doing.
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Here are 10 articles, many with how to youtube videos, about how to earn money online different ways. They all come from Cyber Scribe's blog which you can follow by clicking on the "follow" link. Alternatively you can follow Cyber Scribe on Facebook with this link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cyber-Scribe/123479057737958 (70% complete, at least 59 words missing)
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Here are a number of articles about how you can earn money online written by Cyber Scribe. (44% complete, at least 112 words missing)
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This Top 4 links to all four parts of my series on improving your DSR scores on eBay. (30% complete, at least 139 words missing)
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Have you started selling on Ebay, only to find that your sales have fallen or remained stagnant? There are a number of things that you can do to increase your sales on Ebay, from free marketing techniques, finding fresh inventory, and most of all, finding out what your buyers want and offering that to them. There are many ways to increase Ebay sales,...
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Excellent series of guides for eBay beginners; from taking good pictures, all the way to finding inventory to buy. Learn how to set up a small photo studio, how to crop and touch up your pictures, and how to find inventory to sell. And for after the auction, teaches you how to use Paypal's Bulk Shipping Tool.
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