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Want to be an expert bartender? You can make some of the tastiest and most popular drinks by simply following the drink recipes below. The next time you are having a party or just looking for something fun to drink, check out these top 20 drink recipes and play bartender! These recipes include both cocktails and shots and give you plenty of options...
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When alcohol and anxiety are a dangerous mix During the holidays most of us are thrown headfirst into social situations whether we like it or not. There’s the work holiday party, friend’s parties where everyone is trying to be more dynamic than the next person, and those memorable family gatherings where relatives think it’s okay to squeeze your...
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We've all heard it a million times everywhere we go, but all those reasons not to drink and drive are consolidated here for your easier understanding!
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Are you struggling with an addiction to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes? Are you worried about your drinking? Does someone in your life seem on a self-destructive course? I've been there and dealt with that. I hope my experience will help you see there's a better way to live. (59% complete, at least 81 words missing)