overtailed pheasant (mixed media, by Joachim)
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To feed the discussion: here are 3 more websites where artists can present their work. Use them colleagues. It's for your own benefit (47% complete, at least 105 words missing)
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Underneath I will guide you to a couple of art sites. Virtual galeries for artists and art lovers, and everyone who wants to know what is going on in the world of art today (64% complete, at least 71 words missing)
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Learning to draw is not impossible. I can draw and you should know that my drawings before are really childish. Do you know that most of us have the drawing skills equivalent to a Ten years old child. This is because we aren't taught in schools the necessary techniques to draw. I've compiled THREE books that can teach you the fundamental of drawings...
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If you can write your name you can draw and all good artists will tell you this, drawing is not a talent or gift bestowed upon someone, it is just something they learn like writing and here are the top how to draw easy pages to help you on your journey. Success in anything is a journey not a destination, nobody is good at anything because they were...
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This list present 3 of the best, if your into drawing you need to read these short but important articles they are only short but are packed with important info that you can digest quickly. These articles will help you even if you are an old pro like me and they are free to read with some cool pictures to look at as well, so why not you might be bothered...
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