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Nine out of ten times whenever I had a conversion with a female or male on the subject of relationship, they always say that the most important factor in a relation that they are looking for is true love and commitment. Based on these facts it is important for both partner to be cognizant of this very vital ingredient which is the glue that will bind...
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man woman arguing
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Sometimes we need some help to understand men a little better in relationships. It's nobody's fault we just think a little differently so some help can make all of the difference sometimes. What is it that men are really looking for in a relationship and how can we still be true to ourselves and the same time? Is there anything that is common across...
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dating someone with obsessive compulsive disorder
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You may have a partner with OCD, or you might be considering starting a relationship, but hesitant because the object of your affections has OCD. It can certainly be challenging if a person’s symptoms threaten to interfere with all the fun you’d like to have. But then again, nobody’s perfect. We all have something that nags us. If that special...
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Dating Tips
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Here is the list of the top things men notice in a woman within 5 seconds of meeting her that will make or break if he finds you attractive or not.
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Find and meet women
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Finding and getting to know women is another issue that guys can have problems with. Where do you meet women? What do you say when you meet them? If these questions seem confusing or troubling you may have come to the right place to shed some light on these issues.
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First Date Tips
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First dates can be stressful for guys. Where to go? What to say? How to act? The following is the top 5 articles that will help guys to navigate the stressful world of the first date. (65% complete, at least 70 words missing)
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Many guys have little understanding of the things that impress women. It is not having a lot of money or even being the best looking guy in the room. The secret to really impressing women often revolves around understanding the subtle things that any guy can easily do to get women to like them.
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Interesting ways to increase female attraction
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Every guy should have a good idea of the things that attract (and repulse) women. This list shows some of the best things you can learn to increase that attraction and make yourself a man that women desire. Attracting women need not be something that is tough and mysterious.
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Dating Tips for Guys
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Let's face it, as guys we are not always universally 'smooth' on dates. Chances are even if you are successful, there are things you cold be doing better. here are a few common sense dating tips for guys that can improve anyone's dating game. (65% complete, at least 69 words missing)
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What is it that women find attractive in men. Read 5 of the top tips on what women want in aguy that will help every guy be the man women want. (69% complete, at least 61 words missing)