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The Canon Powershot Elph 100 HS is my amazing, compact camera. It really is a great point and shoot by Canon. What do I like about it? Well... alot actually. Unfortunately, I won't be able to list all of the great things it has to offer, but here is the top 9 things I like about it (so you can get a small taste of it's greatness). These things are not in order...
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Nikon D800 Preview
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Nikon D800 is the latest Nikon DSLR camera and it's surely one of the best digital SLR cameras currently available on market. Here you can find my selection of top 4 reviews and previews of this amazing camera so you can really check out everything about it. Learn and be impressed! Nikon D800 is now finally available for purchase online!
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Point and shoot digital cameras are portable and easy to use. DSLR cameras on the other hand have superior sensors, more manual controls, and allow interchangeable lenses. For those who want a more compact size but larger sensors and the ability to use interchangeable lenses, there are now smaller interchangeable lens cameras and micro four thirds cameras...
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Are you looking to buy a digital camera for yourself? Maybe you want to buy one as a gift for a loved one. There are many types of digital cameras to purchase, designed for both children and adults. This can range from different Canon Digital Cameras to the Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera. Here are a few digital cameras to consider buying for yourself...
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When birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions roll around, you may decide to get your loved ones an electronic gift. There are electronic gifts for both children and adults, from digital cameras to Internet tablets. To help you with your shopping, here are a few electronic gifts to consider buying for your loved ones.
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nikon d3100
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I bought this camera and love it! I have photos taken with it on the lenses listed here for you to check out if you are interested in buying this camera. (33% complete, at least 134 words missing)
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Do you ever see the pictures that other people take and feel jealous? Do you wonder what kind of camera they use? Well, maybe they have a better camera, but maybe they also know a few things you don't know. Here are five quick tips that can help you get the kind of pictures that other people envy.
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Today, there are a wide range of digital cameras on the market. As well, every year many more new cameras are introduced. Each camera promotes a variety of features such as: design, file formats, resolution, usability, and much more. It can be very difficult trying to pick the best digital camera that meets your needs. Because there is not one single...
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Kids and cameras go well together. Documenting time spent with family and friends is a great deal of fun. For some kids, it can be a more serious adventure as well, the start of a life long hobby, and the tool which helps them study the world. Here are five models that would be great digital cameras for kids ages 8 to 18. All of them well under $200.
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