Cool Gifts for Fixie Bike Riders
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Do you know someone who loves riding their fixie bike? Here's some great gift ideas for those who love to ride their single gear fixie biycles, whether vintage or new. A fixie bike, or fixed gear bicycle, is especially popular in urban areas and you can even design your own custom fixie bikes with custom colors and unique specifications. Below I've...
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If you're thinking about embarking on a bicycle tour but you're short of cash, it's time to start looking for ways to stretch the contents of your wallet. Like many forms of travel, bicycle touring can be done with limited funds and resources but only if you're prepared to ditch those creature comforts. And who wants to sleep on a lumpy bed in a souless...
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Do you need a folding bike for getting around campus, commuting to work or maybe just for fiun? We'll help you find the right folding bicycle for your needs. There are some great bikes to choose from, we've selected those that represent the best value for money. (87% complete, at least 26 words missing)
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Here is a great buying guide for 24 inch bikes for boys. If you are still looking for a bicycle for your son and daughter, then this is a great place to stop and look at bikes in this category. It also has some other useful bike buying links and tips. (38% complete, at least 124 words missing)
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Bicycling is a great activity whether it's done for competition or for casual fun. It can keep you fit, relieve stress, and doesn't cost much once you've purchased a suitable bike. However, all bicyclists need to assure safety whether they ride on the streets, country roads, or dedicated bike trails. Luckily there are a number of basic bicycle accessories...
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