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Europe is the most destination place for anyone to do anything like studies, Travel, Food, Honeymoon, Perfect nature, Beautiful cities, Famous brands. In this, I'm taking one option that is education. Students are mostly interested to do their studies in the reputation and oldest universities. Probably, Europe is well known for the best architecture,...
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legoland florida models of Helmsley, Flatiron, and Pan Am Buildings
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LEGOland Florida is the newest amusement park in Florida and the largest LEGOland theme park in the world. The centerpiece is an incredible display of more than 20 million Lego blocks featuring notable architecture and landmarks of New York, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco and a LOT more. There are more than 45 buildings (some as tall...
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Antonio Gaudi was a brilliant architect who designed a startlingly unique array of organic and beautiful buildings in Barcelona. His church - la Sagrada Familia - is still being built today, and the Parc Guell is a famous park designed by him, and full of his buildings, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site.
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Antoni (or Antonio) Gaudi is one of the world's greatest architects. His beautiful buildings appear throughout the city of Barcelona and are well worth a visit. Even if you can't visit in person, there are many fascinating books that discuss both Gaudi himself, and show his gorgeously artistic buildings. And what better gift for a cold Christmas than...
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