ImageGrassy UI
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ImageGrassy(TM) is a recently released App for Intel Ultrabook(TM) devices. These devices are creating all the buzz recently for it's touch screen, GPS, and sensors. App innovators are gearing up for Ultrabook specific Apps. ImageGrassy is a latest inclusion in the list. So how does it boost your Ultrabook experience and how can you show off your beast...
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Working for a business today may often mean you're going to have to handle some presentations. Whether you're doing one at a conference or with your co-workers, technology today has made presentations easier than ever. For those who own any smart phone or tablet device, here are five apps that you may want to download to make presentations a lot easier.
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Today sharing photo is very common on internet, but If a picture speaks a thousand words then before publish or sharing a photo we can edit our photos by great apps. Instagram is a Android based award winning photo sharing smartphone apps. But in app store much better photo sharing apps also available. Here we choose top 3 Android based photo sharing...
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Here are the top 5 iPod/iPhone games. iPod/iPhone games are very popular with all ages. Puzzles or action, iPod/iPhone games are a great way to kill time or relax and unwind after a stress filled day. There are so many games on the App Store, but which ones are the best? There is no price like free, so the apps here will all be free. If you discover...
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Android Apps
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These articles are helpful if you're new to the world of Android, apps and the Android Market. This series of articles covers what is Android and what are Android apps; productivity apps that help you to keep your business and personal life organized; how to download and install Android apps from the Android Market via your pc, and a little bit about...
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Dropbox is one of the popular cloud services. We can save upto 5GB files in it. There are many web applications for Dropbox, so most of the people like it and it's highly customizable. This review I added four useful Dropbox online apps that you can use.
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With the growing popularity of social networking site, there are plenty of attempts to enter the address of improvisation not the functionality. Facebook is one of the popular social networking sites. There are plenty of applications on Facebook that makes it different from others. We can add various applications such as games, horoscopes, etc. on it. All these...
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Google Android
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Some of the best Android articles you can find. It's interesting what all can you do with an Android phone or an Android tablet. (72% complete, at least 55 words missing)
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Author: czechoffthebeat whose referrer is Novem
The iPod Touch is a popular entertainment center, and is based on the same platform as the iPhone. Did you know you can use your iPod Touch for more than just entertainment? You can actually use the iPod Touch for work, much as you would use an iPhone. Both the iPod Touch and the iPhone have the same platform and can use the same apps. The only...
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