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If you haven’t heard yet, Apple just announced the release of a new iPad Pro available for purchase later this year. Apple also announced new features on a newish Apple iPhone 6 and a newer Apple TV, but these didn’t impress analysts, spectators, consumers, or investors as much. Three best new features to look forward to in the new iPad are welcome...
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Apple Mac Software to install, coming from 20 years of PC Windows

As soon as I came back to France I went to the electronic shop and bought a Mac Book Pro.
I have a Mac Air 11" since over a year, I use it as a bedtime video player and morning web browser :-)

But otherwise, since 1993 I only have had Windows PC, before that it was Atari and Amiga but that's so long ago now..

Anyway I've decided that in 2013 I'll try to switch to Apple almost exclusively for the computer usage. Now I've invested quite a lot in this Mac Book Pro (15.4" retina display, 512GB SSD, Intel I7, 2.6Ghz, 1GB graphic card, etc.)

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In the past month and a half Apple computers has released a bevy of new products. In fact nearly the whole Apple line has been replaced with the last 2 announcements. First Apple replaced the iPhone with the long anticipated iPhone 5. Added with this announcement was the announcement that they were going to upgrade all of their connectors on all future...
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Editor: vndkmr97 introduced by Paul Crowe

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EXPLORE IT / JSTXPLORE is all about the technoolgy which we are using in day to day life . the site will be mainly concentrating and updating all new technology which are released or about to launch . More over Explore it / Jstxplore deals with the latest technologies like pc , laptop,smartphones,harware,software,gaming etc . will be sharing tips and tricks...
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HTC One S Clone
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Publisher: worldwar42 referred by Alison Graham
China is known for creating Iphone clones and they have perfected their Android Iphone version except to the IOS . We thought that they are only good in making fake Iphones but we are wrong they are also good in making HTC clones and today I am going to give you 3 top HTC One S clones. Check it out!
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Galaxy S3
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Sent by worldwar42 introduced by Alison Graham
If you are looking for a Smartphone that can beat the Samsung Galaxy S3, but cheaper. I will give you the best collection of top China Android Phones with great features to beat the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is the best in the market and best to own. Try it!
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Ipad clones
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Published by worldwar42 whose referrer is Alison Graham
Apple gadgets are being copied in China and the really make incredible rip-offs of the the original Iphones and Ipads. There are so many companies in China that develop clones of popular gadgets from the west. They have different selections of Iphone clones ranging from 600mhz to 1.5 Ghz and all these phones are 3G and with retina screen. Now I am going...
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Iphone kick off
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Author: worldwar42 referred by Alison Graham
If you are planning to buy fake iphones I have the top list of Iphone Kick-offs. These phones are like the original Iphone 4 and 4s including the UI, but it runs on Android 2.3.6 and Android 4.0. The price of this phones are a quarter of the original iphone. It's worth to buy! (88% complete, at least 24 words missing)
Iphone kick off
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Publisher: worldwar42 referred by Alison Graham
There are so many Iphone lovers in the world and everybody wants to own an iphone , but how? Iphones are very expensive. Apple brand is one of the popular brands in the world, so if you are holding a phone with an apple logo, then it feels like you are one of the best. I have met so many people who are working hard saving their money to buy the new version...
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The whole series of The Simpsons is a parody of American life, its culture and especially its television programs. Now in its 23rd season, The Simpsons has itself become part of the American life it seeks to mock. The program has won multiple awards and the Simpsons family is part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here are some famous movies and television... (74% complete, at least 51 words missing)