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You can do soft pitching.. You have to close the sales without being pushy. Here are five tips that you must abide to in order to make sure your readers will be able to buy from your affiliate link after reading and watching your material.
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If you are an Amazon Associate, have a Chitika or AdSense account, and are an article writer, Seekyt is a good place to apply those channels and earn publishing. (62% complete, at least 75 words missing)
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The holiday season is approaching but you still have no idea what to buy? Amazon offers a wide range of different products and they always have special Christmas promotions. This list will help you to choose the best products if you would like to buy a Christmas gift from Amazon in 2014. I tried to include presents for everybody in the family. Fortunate...
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Ebay and Amazon are the two leading online retailers, selling everything from books to DVDs, technology, household goods and furniture. You can furnish every room in your home using just these two sites, without ever having to leave the comfort of your chair. Buyers and sellers alike flock to both sites. But are they equal, or is one better than the other? But...
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Win Free Giftcards with Swagbucks
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If you do any shopping on Amazon then you may be interested in learning how to get FREE Amazon giftcards by joining the free search and win website called Swagbucks. What is Swagbucks? Basically they give you points, which they call Swagbucks, for doing things on their website including using their search bar to search the internet. They also hide...
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Christmas Gifts ideas for 2012
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Amazon is the largest internet store and it is always a good source for presents. Now I compiled a list of the best Christmas gift ideas for 2012. Make sure that you order the gifts on time because there can be some shipping delays at every retailer during the Christmas peak season. I hope that you will find some great holiday gift ideas for all members...
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Have you been thinking about Amazon's Kindle Fire? Amazon has truly found the perfect niche with this low-cost tablet/ebook reader. The Kindle Fire tablet hit the scene like a hurricane, and looks to be this year's blockbuster Christmas gift of choice. If you're curious about the Fire's stats, what it's like to use, and ways to tinker with it, the answer...
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How Much Money Does Jeff Bezos Make?

Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Bezos started Amazon in 1994, basically building it from the ground up in his garage to what it is today. In my opinion Amazon is simply the best retailer in America, if not the world. Bezos has this company rolling in sales, last year they had revenues of over $30 billion, some say he is as dynamic as the great...
Amazon Kindle Touch with Skin
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To say that has been busy is an understatement. They are about to release a whole series of updated ebook readers. Their first tablet. They have included free ebooks and added tons of new movies/TV shows to their Prime Membership. They have started a Publishing House. All of this in the last 60 days. Much of it in the last 15 days. Amazon...
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Amazon Instant video is a great way to watch your favorite TV shows or movies whenever you desire. Whether you want to watch these shows on TV through a Roku box, on your Laptop or Tablet device or even on your TV through an HDMI cable from your computer lap top to your television. However you connect Amazon Video is a great way to get the best in viewing...
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