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"The human is a purposeful being, and the study of mechanical principles alone will reveal only a fraction of the entire spectrum of his movements - perhaps the fraction of least significance." Philip J. Rasch, PhD and Roger K. Burke, PhD
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Rodan + Fields Before & After
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Rodan + Fields didn't exactly become a household name overnight, but their first product sure did! Proactive Solution for acne became the top-selling acne treatment in the world thinks to its innovative multi-med regimen approach to treating the whole face and addressing the causes of acne before pimples appeared. Today Rodan + Fields has developed...
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Rodan + Fields AMP MD Micro-Needle Roller
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In 2010, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists made skincare history when they introduced their breakthrough beauty technology, the Anti-Age AMP MD Micro-Needle Roller. However, that was definitely not the end of the story as these articles prove. For more information on this amazing beauty tool from the makers of Proactiv Solution, read a few of these articles!...
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Every body wants to look younger.No body likes to look older.But the fact is that aging is inevitable and nobody can escape from this.People want some magic that can delay the natural aging can lessen it with proper food and care. (93% complete, at least 13 words missing)

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Consuming the incorrect foods, or not actually eating the proper foods can lead to signs or symptoms that many individuals tend to believe are caused by getting older. Allow me to share 4 recommendations that are put together to guide you in the proper course of action, avoid these eating mistakes.
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Most of us do not have a clue as to what to look for or ask about when the need for a stairlift comes to our mind or has become a definite need. This article will assist you on getting off on the right foot and ending up with the stair lift that is appropriate for your need.
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For some seniors, the typical cell phone plan may not fit their needs well. The typical cell phone plan includes large amounts of talk time that far exceed their usage. For a senior who doesn't work and isn't involved with growing teenagers, their calling needs are sometimes less. In some instances in fact, it can be more economical to pay more per minute...
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Many elderly individuals have multiple medications to take routinely. Difficulties can arise in ingesting medications, monitoring them, and remembering to take them all in a timely manner. Luckily there are a number of products available that can assist and allow elderly individuals to independently manage their own medications.
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There are many adaptive aids that can help seniors who have minor physical issues to continue living independently. Certainly there are adaptions to the home that can be made to prevent falls and assist the person in dressing and grooming. Having a professional do an assessment can help to identify special needs. However, another issue that many elderly...
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As parents or grandparent age, we can become concerned about their safety. For many elderly individuals however, continuing to live independently is of prime importance. Here are some of the most critical things to consider and address, to put your mind at ease.
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