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Clickbank Contextual Ads: how to use CBProAds as an AdSense alternative

Since I bought cbproads's lifetime membership on 2nd september 2012, two days before the final decommissioning of Clickbank's HopAd Builder, I have been looking at all they have on offer, but what I want to talk about now is the only reason why I bought it in the first place: to make a truly contextual widget which works like adsense..

What is the difference?

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Clickbank Scam: Bad Clickbank Products To Avoid Promoting As An Affiliate

As a clickbank affiliate I have often wondered how Clickbank can accept such low quality sales pages in their marketplace. I'm not even talking about the quality of some clickbank products, but already some sales pages are horrible looking, so who will promote such products with a 100% chance to never make a sale, just because the landing page is so wrong?

Well, the answer is HopAd Builder.. This is (was) a widget that you could put on your blog / site and give it a few keywords and it was displaying clickbank products based on those keywords..

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HopAd Builder is being terminated, what's the alternative?

I've just realised today that the HopAd Builder is being terminated, that's sad news since it was my only way to make a semi-contextual widget in order to sell clickbank products depending on my content pages's topics..

Here's the text on the HopAd Builder page:
HopAd functionality is being retired beginning July 23, 2012. Existing HopAds will continue to function temporarily, but no new HopAds may be created.

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We all now know about Google Adsense and Contextual online ad services. While google adsense is the most popular there are many other similar ad networks providing similar service.They are called adsense alternatives and I do not personally like some of these ad networks as they have many draw backs. There are some very good adsense alternatives like...
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