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Facial cleansing is part of good skin care and sets the stage for the rest of a good skin care regimen. Historically face washing has been done with water, soap and a washcloth. Soap has been used for centuries because it breaks up oil and dirt particles. In more recent years, it has been discovered that soap can dry and irritate skin. Skin care companies...
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Acne belongs to the most common skin affections. It can appear on your face in a variety of forms: whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples, which can be defined as pus-filled lesions. It can also have more critical forms, like nodules and cysts, which, if not adequately treated, can ultimately leave scares on your face. Acne is not only a face pathology,...
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All About Acne Dermatology Course
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The All About Acne Dermatology Course is a self paced course which teaches you how to manage acne vulgaris effectively. The course is suitable for estheticians, beauticians, cosmetologist and even people with acne who want to clear their complexions permanently. (88% complete, at least 23 words missing)
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A weekly review of the Obagi Nu-Derm skincare product for the first month of use. Complete with pictures to see the progress. (27% complete, at least 145 words missing)
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A lot of people are having trouble with Acne. There are many remedies to get acne free. In this Top 3 you find the best acne home remedies. Find out what works the best for you to get acne free. (91% complete, at least 18 words missing)
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Acne, lack of sleep and hair loss are just three of many common disorders that at one point or another any person will present; many of them are very discomforting for the sufferer and although one more than others, they all affect us in different ways; knowing how to treat them is the first step you should take.
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types of acne
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Acne vulgaris is one of those skin diseases that can affect anyone regardless of their age. (35% complete, at least 130 words missing)
All About Acne Dermatology Course
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The All About Acne Course teaches you everything you need to know about the skin disease acne vulgaris. This course has been tailored to fit the needs of nurses, beauticians, estheticians and others seeking careers in cosmetology and esthetics. It is also perfect for people suffering from acne who want to know how to clear their complexion permanently. (69% complete, at least 62 words missing)
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The following are the top health videos I have uploaded. (12% complete, at least 176 words missing)