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Saved Tops

I'm a newcomer so this may be a silly question. I was working on a Top and had to leave before finishing. I clicked on Save but when I came back I couldn't find it! Is there an edit button I missed?
Thanks for any help!

Hello, it seems the save didn't work because there was an error (error message should have been written when you submitted the top)

But in general, it's best to do a top correctly, there is no draft function.


Thanks, It's not a problem anymore. I've posted two tops successfully. I've learned to be more careful and better organized...well, I try to be, anyway.

Yes I've read your two tops, one way when starting is to limit oneself to TOP 3, so they are done quickly. But you should think about writing a sentence or two in the conclusion field, the more text the page has the better for traffic.

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