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$15,000 a year for Pioneer Success it means $1,250 per month, $313 per week or $62.50 per day! The strategies for effecting changes are highlighted as follows:

Education and Communication: Experience has shown time and time again, that when people are consulted or informed and their views considered or concerns assuaged before a new concept or change is introduced, co-operation is often the result. This valuable tool of educating people ahead of a change to enable them appreciate the need for, and logic of, a change is often forgotten by managers. The result is suspicion, fear and the emotional disturbances which occur in people sometimes even when the changes are going to be patently positive or rational. Therefore, the first tool in a manager's arsenal for managing change is education and communication. This can take form of audiovisual presentations to groups of people who will be implementers of the change or those who are perceived as aggressive resistors of the change. These presentations would be made until all vested group interests that can resist the change have been covered and converted.

Participation and Involvement: Under this strategy, however, potential resistors or those who will implement the change are involved in the design of the change from the outset. Such involvement forestalls resistance because the advice of such potential resistors are factored into the design of the change. It bears restating that participation leads to commitment, not merely compliance.

Facilitation and Support: This strategy should be used when the manager recognises that fear of uncertainty lies at the heart of the resistance. The fear can be induced because new skill would be called for when a change is introduced. In such circumstances, the manager should provide training in new skills. In some other circumstances, it may suffice for the manager to provide emotional support by truly seeking to understand the concerns of those affected and assuaging them.

Negotiation and Agreement: This strategy is often employed when an organisation wishes to reduce its fat, get rid of an employee who wields considerable influence or change a previously negotiated work rule. By offering attractive incentives such as increased pension benefits, the potential resistor accepts a golden handshake and departs without much resentment. The Union can be offered a higher wage rate in return for a change in work rule for instance.

Manipulation and Co-option: Under this strategy, the initiators provide selected information, which aptly serve their cause, and structure events in their own favour. The initiators can, for instance, paint a picture of total collapse unless the change they wish to introduce is implemented.

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An adroit technique under this strategy is to co-opt a group of person(s) with vested interests who are known to be potential resistors and give them roles in the design, approval and implementation of the contemplated change. In co-opting a group, the key or influential person should be the target. Sometimes, co-option takes the form of soliciting the support of person(s) who the initiators of a change know have considerable influence on potential resistors to advance their cause. However, effort must be made to avoid giving those co-opted the impression that they are being manipulated. If they feel so, their reactions can be counter-productive to the objective of the change.

Explicit and Implicit Coercion: This strategy is adopted in situations where speed is essential and where the changes will be unpopular, regardless of how they are introduced.

It should be noted that in real life situations, a manager should apply a combination of the above strategies depending on the circumstances he faces. Furthermore, before initiating a change, the strategies to be adopted should be deliberately thought through and planned in a cohesive manner. The strategic options available to managers can be usefully thought of as existing on a continum. Exactly where a chanced effort should be strategically located on the continum is a function of four factors:

(1). The amount and kind of resistance that is anticipated, Ceteris, paribus. The greater the anticipated resistance, the more difficult it will be to overwhelm it. In such circumstances, the manager should position its strategy towards the right of the continum, and find ways to mitigate the resistance.

(2). The position of the initiator vis-a-vis the resistors. If the initiator has more power relative to the resistors, his strategy can move to the left of the continum. Conversely, the less power he has, the greater the movement to the right of the continum.

(3). The person who has the relevant data for designing the change and the energy for implementing it. If the initiators anticipate that they will require information and commitment from others to help design and implement the change the more, they should move to the right. Gaining useful information and commitment requires time and the involvement of others.

(4). The stakes involved.

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