How Much Money Does Kevin Peter Pietersen Make?

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  Kevin Peter Pietersen earns $1,100,000 per year*

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$1,100,000 a year for Kevin Peter Pietersen it means $91,667 per month, $22,917 per week or $4,583.33 per day! How Much Money Does Kevin Peter Pietersen Make? 2014 Income Salary.

Kevin Pietersen is an English cricketer who was born in South Africa and is now due to play for Australia’s Melbourne Stars.
By just entering into a contract to play for Melbourne Stars for a period of two years, Kevin Pietersen dived into the league of the highest paid cricket players, ever recorded in the history of the Big Bash League in the sporting world of cricket. At 6’ 4”, the right-handed batsman has over the years, traversed across South Africa, England, Australia and Zimbabwe to finally land an impossible contract in a sports career spanning over a period of 9 years.

The salary
At 34 years of age, the sports star will earn a baffling $1,000,000 plus a bonus of $100,000, totaling up to a sum of $1,100,000.
Many players of his caliber fade into oblivion by comparison especially when we peek at their take-home package.

How did he do it?
Having started off his sports career in 1997 with KwaZulu Natal B, then moved on to Nottinghamshire, MCC, Hampshire, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Surrey, Deccan Chargers and Delhi Daredevils, the newly signed up Melbourne star has enough Matches, Runs scored, Battings, Bowls, wickets and catches in his experience to scare away any competition.

*: estimated income based on 48 forty hours weeks per year.
  Kevin Peter Pietersen's income / salary
per day per hour per minute per second
  Conclusion after watching Kevin Peter Pietersen's earnings in real-time
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Does Pietersen deserve to earn this sum of money or not?
Despite his being a loud-mouth, the controversial cricket star deserves to earn this salary considering his having gained the title of “Top-order batsman” that few other players ever attained.

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