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  Dreamaker earns $11,030 per year*

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$11,030 a year for Dreamaker it means $919 per month, $230 per week or $45.96 per day! Dreamaker is an article writer for Info Barrel and several other article directories. Working in the Internet marketing field for several years as a part time entrepreneur, dreamaker now has taken the writing gig full time. Available for freelance writing work as well as content production and rewrites, can be contacted at any time. Attempting to create an online income that is 100 percent susstainable and passive in nature has been a passion and is still being pursued.

*: estimated income based on 48 forty hours weeks per year.
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Reaching for the stars with a passion for writing, an inkling for what people want and a means to get it to them, will make the amount of money shown on this page explode in the near future.

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