How Much Money Does Dentist Make?

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  Dentist earns $142,000 per year*

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$142,000 a year for Dentist it means $11,833 per month, $2,958 per week or $591.67 per day! How much would you give for those perfect teeth? A lot it seems. In a recent feature on top salary earners for 2013, US News has put dentists at the top of the list of it 100 Best Jobs. Oral health care will continue to be at the top of priorities for family health as long as we consume processed food, junk food with all kind of artificial sweeteners. The profession is slated to grow by more than 20% as per the article. The dentists' median salary as per the report is a little over $142000. So if you are wondering which medical field to enter - being a dentist should score high on the list. While being paid well, the job will have significantly less exertion than being a RN (the next best job in Healthcare) or less risk as well as exertion than being a Physician. Of course that's just my observation.

*: estimated income based on 48 forty hours weeks per year.
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It can't be a pleasant experience making those trips to dentists. The dentists chair is considered righly to be a harrowing experience and any extraction (inspite of using the most modern of methods) has rather painful after effects. The best way to forgo the trip to the dentist will be to take care of your gums and teeth. Brush regularly and Eat healthily. Restrict your sweets and brush (or rinse your mouth) after every snack. There in lies the simple key to a healthy mandible!

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