How Much Money Does Chris Brown Make?

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  Chris Brown earns $25,000,000 per year*

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$25,000,000 a year for Chris Brown it means $2,083,333 per month, $520,833 per week or $104,166.67 per day! Chris Brown is worth $25 million USD. Chris Brown has Around 70 to 80 million dollars thats including both of his albums and all of the movies that hes been in so far right now.

*: estimated income based on 48 forty hours weeks per year.
  Chris Brown's income / salary
per day per hour per minute per second
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Would you like to earn Chris Brown's annual income?

Chris Brown is an amazing artist in todays society besides the drama of beating Rihanna.

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secret's picture

Um, whoever wrote "This is

Um, whoever wrote "This is lame" & blah shit, YOU'RE WRONG! Obviously he does make a lot of money. Otherwise, this website wouldn't post those numbers. Duh! And plus, ever since his song, "Look At Me Now", he became an instant hit and everyone loved him again. Either you need to get your facts straight or your just plain JEALOUS. I like Chris Brown a lot. In fact, he's my model. Even though he did that stupid mistake with Rihanna & everything, I still think he's one of the best. I think he's a truly gifted singer/rapper. I adore & love him. Go Chris Brown! Cheee! ^--^

a visitor's picture

This is lame. Chris Brown

This is lame. Chris Brown doesn't work a 40 hour week. He doesn't work 48 weeks a year. He makes money in his sleep. This should calculate $25 million divided evenly between all days of the year and all minutes and seconds of the day. He actually makes:
$68493.15 per day (if you're generous and don't include the leap year)
$2,853 / hour.
$47.56 / minute.
$0.79 / second
Of course these ACTUAL numbers make this page look a lot less impressive.