Free Tips on How to Sell Ads Online (and also buy ads)

I'd like to give you some tips I've used to grow my income from selling ads on my sites.

You see, before I was not interested in selling ads on my sites, I used adsense and grow lazy, I didn't want anything to do with talking with the ad buyers or dealing with renewal of ads, etc.

But then I tried because they take 25% of the price, but in exchange they deal with payments and advertizers, plus they have a marketplace which means my ad spots are found not only by my sites visitors but also by advertizers browsing the buysellads marketplace.

At first I only used buysellads to sell the 125x125 pixels ad spots.

That's all I did. I didn't sell many.

After I started applying the following tips and my ad sales have greatly increased, at the moment I'm earning about $15 per day just by ad sales, which is in fact $20 minus the buysellads share. And that makes about $500 per month, and it's only a beginning since I've used those tips only on 2 sites of mine.

As I said those are my 5 tips, but I am still a newbie in selling ads, I think if I was more experimented I'd prefer to direct sell ads so that I don't have 25% of the price going to buysellads. For instance you can sell ads and manage it with an ad manager such as Google's DFP SMall Business ( ) or you can do it all by hand or with a little script to manage renewal dates, orders, etc..

At the moment I'm sticking with buysellads because of their marketplace and the 25% allow me also not to have to worry about anything regarding orders, refunds, etc.. But I do that while knowing it would be more clever to have a direct relationship with advertisers so I could then put them on a mailing list to offer them special deals and new advertising opportunities whereas now with buysellads I don't have their contact information, so it is not a good long term practise.

But in terms of the share they take it is not horrible, when you think about google adsense, they were never upfront about the share they kept, it waited several years until a judge in Italia forced them to disclose this information, so they disclosed it globally and made it look as if they did it out of their goodwill..
What is their share? 32% on average (which means nothing) for them, so 68% on average for publishers (is it the average for each publishers or the average on all publishers, we'll never know)
And the situation is exactly the same, you don't have any contact information on the advertisers who display their ads on your site. Sure most of it is automated, but some advertisers also target your site specifically.

So buysellads is not such a bad choice because first you decide which price you want to sell your ad spots for and secondly the share of buysellads is "only" 25% compared to the "maybe" 32% of google adsense.

If you have more experience in this field and would like to share it with me and others you are most welcome!


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