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Best Review - Top 3 X-men and Wolverine Stories for 2013

  • Zentao01   5 years 19 weeks ago
    I agree, Bryan Singer is a pretty damn good director. Wasn't crazy about the Supes movie either. But he has done more right than wrong. Really looking forward to his next shot at the Xmen: Days of future past.
  • drjoe35   5 years 24 weeks ago
    Bryan singer is a good director but he is not always right as we saw with the Superman returns movie which was pretty horrible. He did not provide a villain for this movie and it failed. yes his xmen movies have been good but his superman movie was terrible. out of all the super hero movies i have seen superman returns is the only super hero movie i can say was pretty bad. i found the first wolverine movie to be good.

How Much Money Does President Obama Make?

  • praise911   5 years 23 weeks ago
    Wow! that is a lot of money.
  • lordt   6 years 7 weeks ago
    Not bad money but I think he will earn more after the presidency for speeches, books, etc.

Best Review - Top 10 Strange Causes of Death on CSI

  • TinaAtHome   6 years 14 weeks ago
    I love CSI. The strangest one I thought was when someone was killed by ice bullets and then the bullets melted and they couldn't find them. I'm not convinced ice is hard enough to kill.
  • Asanz677   6 years 48 weeks ago
    Nice list! I love this show!

How Much Money Does Richest Man in the World Make?

  • Emeka peter   6 years 22 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 6 Reasons to Check out ADZLY

  • Phil   6 years 26 weeks ago
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  • Phil   6 years 26 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 7 Women to keep an eye on in the Olympics

  • Zentao01   6 years 29 weeks ago
  • unze uk   6 years 29 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 8 Personality Types of Women

  • new hip hop music   6 years 40 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 5 Tips for Writing Kindle Ebooks

  • Zentao01   7 years 3 days ago
    EA, That is actually quite a big question. Here is a good description of the creation process: For the physical requirements. Ebooks to give away/sell yourself, generally you want to create (or have made for you) A "cover" which is just a nice looking graphic and a PDF. (I have a plugin that turns word docs. to PDF in my word program. If you want it to be a kindle ebook, you also need a cover artwork (this is important since it makes it LOOK professional). Amazon accepts multiple formats, but I find word works the best (they will then convert it to their .mobi format. After you convert you can look it over and make any changes to make sure the formating is good. For instance I have noticed bullet points don't convert well, so I redid all my bulleted topics. Without going too in depth, I hope that helps. Good luck to you making your ebooks :)
  • EsotericArticles   7 years 4 days ago
    How do you all go creating e-books anyway? I am interested in what you all have to say.
  • TinaAtHome   7 years 6 days ago
    I wrote my Kindle book in doc format, but then I bought Pages for my mac and wrote the next one in that. Pages converts to epub very easily.

Best Review - Top 4 Types of Beer, "Glasses" to maximize beer taste

  • Jason   7 years 5 weeks ago
    It's good to know different kinds of glasses. Glasses which will be use of course to drink beer. Are the differences of glasses changes the taste or beer? This is one good blog for a beer lover like me. Thank you.

Best Review - Top 10 Ways to Prevent and Recover from a hangover

  • MySpace-Lyrics   7 years 6 weeks ago
    I drink a glass of cider in between each 2 pints of beer and that works quite well. Or if it is whisky, I put ice cubes in it and some water as well to keep me hydrated.

How Much Money Does A Panhandler Make?

  • uleesgold   7 years 12 weeks ago
    These people are parasites and its more reason to not give panhandlers money. If any of them will starve if you don't, they can walk into a store and start munching until they get arrested. prison is food and shelter.
  • CrazySmartGirl   7 years 46 weeks ago
    It's Kinda sad. I've been homeless for long periods of time. But I never could bring myself to panhandle. Instead, since I have a hand-me-down laptop, I sit in coffee shops trying to learn how to make an income with adsence. Haha. After a few years, I'm getting close to a hundred bucks. Maybe I should have just panhandled enough to buy a cheap foreclosure!
  • Zentao01   7 years 47 weeks ago
    LOL, I feel ya!. It is a difficult thing, becuase there are some that are truly needy and others that are just taking advantage of generosity
  • NateSean   7 years 47 weeks ago
    True, unfortunately. It's to thep oint where I wonder why I'm wasting time looking for a job.
  • NateSean   7 years 47 weeks ago
    True, unfortunately. It's to thep oint where I wonder why I'm wasting time looking for a job.

Best Review - Top 5 Niche Marketing Tips

  • jimformation   7 years 14 weeks ago
    Hey thanks. This is some great advice. Always looking for more info on niching
  • wahmshelley   7 years 14 weeks ago
    Thanks for the Niche Marketing tips!!!

Best Review - Top 4 Reasons to Check out Build My Rank and gain top Quality Backlinks

  • Zentao01   7 years 14 weeks ago
    Thanks guys, I would really be interested to hear your opinions if you try it. I was shocked at how well it really works. Previous to this I have always believed that while some 'systems' must have -some- positive effect, the majority were just crutches for people who weren't willing to put in the work and they did not work long term. This is really changing my opinion. Qaulity content is still #1 but this can really help to push that content over the hump
  • wahmshelley   7 years 14 weeks ago
    Thanks for the info!!!...WAHMs and WAHDs will love to add this one to their make money online strategies..
  • jimformation   7 years 14 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 10 Product Fails

  • Zentao01   7 years 15 weeks ago
    HAha, you said it might have preferred XP ( a step back) I had vista for a while. It wasn't "horrible" but you pay for a "new release" it should actually improve the product.
  • EsotericArticles   7 years 15 weeks ago
    I am using Windows Vista still!!!! I do see why people had problems with it, I would have preferred XP overall. That said, it is not so bad.

Best Review - Top 5 Amazon Instant Videos

  • EsotericArticles   7 years 17 weeks ago
    Some of your links do not work because of the way in which you are attempting to use them.

Best Review - Top 15 Tips for Understanding Backlinking

  • Zentao01   7 years 17 weeks ago
    Thanks man! Glad you found it useful!
  • jimformation   7 years 18 weeks ago
    Great resources. Thanks!

Best Review - Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Niche Wisely

  • a visitor   7 years 23 weeks ago
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How Much Money Does Female Pornstar Make?

  • james   7 years 24 weeks ago
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  • adnan   7 years 24 weeks ago
    why pornstar like to do such type of work like porn movies even they can join some other job?
  • eagle   7 years 37 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 5 Tips for Attracting Women

  • tamron   7 years 31 weeks ago
    Now I know what you men are up to! Great List! Ping Ya!

Best Review - Top 4 Secrets of Passive Income

  • Zentao01   7 years 39 weeks ago
    Thanks, glad you liked it!

Best Review - Top 10 Reasons you may want to try out IM Faceplate for you internet marketing needs.

  • Zentao01   7 years 39 weeks ago
    masata, I will check it out!
  • Masata   7 years 41 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 5 Tips for Internet marketing

  • Zentao01   7 years 42 weeks ago
    Thanks glad you found them useful
  • TilenHrovatic   7 years 42 weeks ago
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  • Said   7 years 43 weeks ago
    Thanks a lot! It's nice from you! Peace on You!

Best Review - Top 3 Films to look forward to

Best Review - Top 10 Money Earning Articles from Helium

  • Not Quite   7 years 43 weeks ago is like the lighter than air Hindenburg. It seems like it's crashing further down with each new "upgrade" the site makes to compensate for its lack of jet fuel. Also, exploiting writers the way Helium does is sickening.

Best Review - Top 4 Tips for Writing an eBook with ease

  • mizzshady   7 years 44 weeks ago
    I had to swing by and check you out since you left such a funny comment about Charlie. Come to find out you had a few topics that interest me. Ebook writing. I'm currently writing an ebook. I check out your suggestions. I have a few for you as well. Two pointers that I've learned over the years for writing for the web. I welcome any advice on book editing. My writing skills never surfaced. Makes it kind of hard when you are trying to write and ebook.

Best Review - Top 7 Guide to improved Freelance Writing

  • Zentao01   7 years 46 weeks ago
    Thanks for your comment. I am glad you liked it. I will see what I can do about the photography. I have a lot of experience of the online writing not photography. I'll see if I can scare something up, though. :)
  • CrazySmartGirl   7 years 46 weeks ago
    Hey THANK YOU for writing this! I've been looking into learning more about freelancing and I'll take some time to research these links. Do you think you could create a top for freelance photography?

Best Review - Top 3 Articles about how to attract women

  • Zentao01   7 years 48 weeks ago
    Thanks, I appreciate you kind comments