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Best Review - Top 6 Elliptical Exercise Equipment Reviews

  • TinaAtHome   5 years 39 weeks ago
    I never liked the elliptical. I always preferred the Concept 2 rowing machine.

Best Review - Top 10 Best Microwave Oven

  • TinaAtHome   5 years 39 weeks ago
    When I bought a microwave oven, I measured the size of the gap in my kitchen and bought the oven that was nearest the size. I figured most of them would work fine, so the most important thing to me was size.

Best Review - Top 4 Car Headrest DVD player Reviews

  • catherine   5 years 44 weeks ago
    What about [TO SPAM, SIGN UP AND POST YOUR OWN TOP LISTS]. How can they not be on that list?
  • rose   7 years 9 weeks ago
    I thought that headrest DVD players were more expensive than that. I already had an iPad so I opted to use that instead. I strapped it to my headrest and had my own entertainment system. With my employer DISH Network I have the TV Everywhere on my iPad. I have access to all my subscription channels from anywhere we are at. All I had to do is purchase the Sling Adapter for $99; which right now DISH is giving a $99 rebate back and hook it up to my receiver. The app for the iPad was free to download. The kids love that they have all these options on the iPad and they can watch all their favorite shows from the car. Check out more about the promotion through this link. [SPAMMER PLEASE DIE] They can even download games and movies as well, so it’s a great entertainment system for the car.

Best Review - Top 8 Best playstation 3 games

  • james   5 years 47 weeks ago
    I disagree totally with this, I have a PS3 and I play games. Although ok you can put LA Noire near the top if you wish, but for me my favorite games are: 1. Battlefield 3 (by far, quick multiplayers games, good relief) 2. GTA IV (yes, getting a bit old, but still very good for the multiplayers races with all GTA weapons, you don't have to race to win the most points) 3. Put which ever you want here, I don't mind. Soon there should be GTA V coming out, so this will take first or second place, I guess first place for me for a few months!

Best Review - Top 6 Angry Birds Backpack for Kids

  • Manendra   5 years 49 weeks ago
    Angry bird back packs are the most beauty full back pack for kinds to make their schooling more enjoyable.

Best Review - Top 3 Best Rated Features Of Cell Phone Spy Software

  • Longran   6 years 7 weeks ago
    SMS recovering is an excellent feature all in all, since its not like emails, when you delete them they are deleted the only way is if you have a really new model and you can print all of your texts out. Nice stuff!

Best Review - Top 3 Kardashian Makeup Organizer

  • JM   6 years 11 weeks ago
    Another great place to choose Acrylic Cosmetic Organizers
  • Liz   7 years 11 weeks ago
    I just got my organizer and I couldn't be any happier. I use to always dream about owning one of these. But, do to high prices I was never able to. I got mine for $139 on eBay item # 170645218261. This was by far the best $139 I have ever spent !!

Best Review - Top 5 Jillian Michaels Workout DVDs

  • Truth About Abs   6 years 12 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 3 Michael Jackson Iconic Jacket Collection

  • michael jackson jacket replica   6 years 17 weeks ago
    Micheal Jackson is all time favorite of the world
  • mj thriller jacket   6 years 27 weeks ago
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  • michael jackson thriller jacket   6 years 27 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 10 Best Tablet Computer Reviews

  • Best Tablet 2012   6 years 22 weeks ago
    I have Ipad 2 and I like it.

Best Review - Top 3 Transformers 3 Costume For Kids

  • shia labeouf jacket   6 years 25 weeks ago
    Nice post. Keep up the good work.Were did you get all the data from i cannot stop myself to appreciate you for this nice work but keep it up.

Best Review - Top 6 Battlefield 3 Cheats and Strategy Guide Walkthroughs

  • james   6 years 26 weeks ago
    Hi, I'm pretty sure it won't appear, unfortunately PC, PS3 and Xbox players are living in closed environements, that's why I give details on what platform I'm playing. Perhaps in the future, with PS4 and Xbox 720 :-)
  • wwkeen   6 years 26 weeks ago
    BF3 is amazing game..but i'm play it on Xbox 360. Not sure your name will appear there as well, let me search.
  • james   6 years 26 weeks ago
    I love this game, if you play it on PS3, add me as a friend, my player name is shetoldme_com Let's fight or play in the same squad!

Best Review - Top 5 Cool Netbook Cases and Bags

  • Dave Wiebe   6 years 26 weeks ago
    As for Computer tower cases it's important to have good air flow and slides or clips inside over screws.

Best Review - Top 4 Best Computer Tower Cases 2011

  • Dave Wiebe   6 years 26 weeks ago
    When looking for a computer tower case I like to go for a cases that has good air flow and snaps or clips verses screws.

Best Review - Top 3 Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat

  • LEO PIERSON   6 years 27 weeks ago
    This is mostly basic, but very good information.
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 27 weeks ago
    Thank you for this nice post. I would also recommend an ab toning mating like Ab Rocket Twister (you can find a review on

Best Review - Top 10 Best Accessories for iPad 2

  • iPad 2 Wallpapers   6 years 32 weeks ago
    Heya, I just needed to say thank you for taking the time to create a thing really worth my time to read. I am all over the Internet and I see so much useless content about iPad 2, that people just created for the reason of placing anything new on their web site.

Best Review - Top 4 Logitech Webcam Reviews 2011

  • Jim Daniel   6 years 35 weeks ago
    You can find all types of fun effects and activities for your webcam at [SOME SITE]

Best Review - Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls

  • lorindaleigh   6 years 35 weeks ago
    The best selling gift this year seems to be the Boogie Board! The best selling book is the Teen's World to Domination. I agree completely that the Wii is the very best video game system for everyone, not just teens.

Best Review - Top 6 SEO Backlinks Builder

  • J Paiin   6 years 44 weeks ago
    Thanks, this is some great information. It's nice to have it gathered in the one spot!

Best Review - Top 4 Gaming Desktop PC 2011

  • a visitor   6 years 45 weeks ago
    buyer looking for a gaming laptop, I would highly recommend it has 4GB RAM, good processor then you l enjoy your best gaming laptop.
  • used dell desktops   6 years 45 weeks ago
    Growth in demand for advanced mobile devices boasting powerful processors, abundant memory, larger screens, and open operating systems over 45.5 million people in the United States owned smartphones in 2010 out of 234 million total subscribers

Best Review - Top 8 Amazon Best Deals In Electronics

  • EsotericArticles   6 years 50 weeks ago
    I really do not see what the big deal is with Kindle, or for that matter all of the ereaders. They just are not what they need to be yet, to my mind. Not as good as a book...yet.

Best Review - Top 5 Best Cycling Road Bikes 2011

  • DSLR Lens   7 years 2 weeks ago
    i thought i was gonna read more descriptions. not too good of a list but it gets the job done
  • a visitor   7 years 16 weeks ago
    Also check out this list, they have some of the best road bikes.

Best Review - Top 5 Get Paid To Write Articles Online Sites

  • a visitor   7 years 6 weeks ago
    Why isnt factoidz on this list???
  • wwkeen   7 years 18 weeks ago
    Yep..those are legit and trusted sites, you can get paid on writing articles
  • Zentao01   7 years 18 weeks ago
    All great sites... the classics

Best Review - Top 4 32 Inch LED LCD HDTV Reviews

  • Elias   7 years 10 weeks ago
    MAN, thank you so much for the information! I’ve been looking for a new TV for so long…I need one to best display my awesome DISH Network HD service, and as an employee of DISH I know a ton about receivers and troubleshooting and everything, but we don’t really specialize on TV’s since we aren’t a manufacturer, so I wasn’t sure where to turn. This review has been a great, great help!

Best Review - Top 5 Celebrities Fitness Workout Plans and Diets For Women

  • Jonathan   7 years 12 weeks ago
    Please take a look on a site great tips and comments from readers

Best Review - Top 4 LEGO Sets For Adults and Children

  • TilenHrovatic   7 years 12 weeks ago
    LEGO medieval sets are awesome! :) I would really like to make myself a LEGO castle someday... when I'll have some spare time :)

Best Review - Top 4 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

  • wwkeen   7 years 14 weeks ago
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  • Debbie Dunn   7 years 14 weeks ago
    This was really interesting. Thank you!

Best Review - Top 5 List of Hottest Monica Bellucci Movies

  • wwkeen   7 years 19 weeks ago
    thank for the comment my friend
  • Zentao01   7 years 19 weeks ago
    Great list. Monica Bellucci is beautiful!

Best Review - Top 4 Tips On How To Increase Targeted Website Traffic For Free

  • wwkeen   7 years 19 weeks ago
    thank for the comment, Zentao
  • Zentao01   7 years 19 weeks ago
    wwkeen, SOme really good sites and great info on some of the basic bum marketing methods! Thanks

Best Review - Top 3 Tips To Get More Followers On Twitter

  • wwkeen   7 years 20 weeks ago
    thank for the comment. There is another great tools that can get you more followers on Twitter with TweetBig
  • Zentao01   7 years 20 weeks ago
    Great tips and very valid. I am surprised you didn't mention one of the "adder" programs if "more followers" is the only criteria