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Best Review - Top 10 Rated Baby Strollers of 2011

  • thriftgirl62   5 years 4 weeks ago
    The perfect stroller is the Emmaljunga Pram and comes from Sweden. I special ordered a red one for my son in 1987 and was still in perfect shape when my daughter was born in 1991. It was $399 well spent although it was a little cumbersome when folding and lifting it in or out of the trunk.

How Much Money Does Chuck Norris Make?

  • a visitor   6 years 7 weeks ago
    This is just a timer counting from the time you start, not how much he is actually making! I tested this and in one hour, it said $1041.66. This is a fake!!!!!(but cool):)

Best Review - Top 5 Jogger Strollers For Babies in 2011

  • playmobil top agents   6 years 40 weeks ago
    Strollers are available to match just about any lifestyle, so think about how you want to use the stroller first and then look at strollers that best fit your life and your baby.
  • Maksuda   6 years 46 weeks ago
    Lightweight baby strollers have come a long way from the basic umbrella stroller. Today's lightweight baby strollers have many of the same features as larger strollers, but the pared down versions are much easier for travel and quick trips to the mall or zoo. Here are ten great baby strollers that are lightweight, 20 pounds or less, but feature-heavy, allowing your baby to ride in style. All of these compact strollers should be easy to stash in a trunk without taking up too much space. baby stroller reviews [ANOTHER SPAMMER'S URL REMOVED, KEEP THEM COMING AND THANK YOU FOR THE TEXT!!!]

How Much Money Does Lil Wayne Make?

  • jurie   6 years 44 weeks ago
    lil wayne makes alot of moey and he should donate to rome cornners in oregon wi
  • omar   6 years 51 weeks ago
    cash money is hard work no sleep
  • mike   7 years 4 weeks ago
    Not bad. Bill Gates makes $300 per second for doing literally nothing. In a year, he makes 7,800 times the amount Lil Wayne does. My point is, rappers do not "get money" as well as if they'd actually applied some intelligence to their lives and became something useful.
  • a visitor   7 years 10 weeks ago
    WRONG WRONG WRONG! IDK where you got this figure but it is wrong, lil wayne made 20 million last year which is no small sum but it is def far from 113 million. Go to to check this number out. Anyone who believes this obviously has no sense of celebrity income.
  • W.S.W.B   7 years 16 weeks ago
    Wayne is Fakee he cant make his own lyrics and dosnt know what the fuckin hood is you cant compare him to pak
  • Mason   7 years 18 weeks ago
    Cash flow out the ass!!!!
  • Johnnie Howard   7 years 18 weeks ago
    ma nigga wayne is ill
  • a visitor   7 years 18 weeks ago
    i love him can you tell me how he make the money and where the money is coming to him ??????
  • a visitor   7 years 21 weeks ago
    man fck lil wayne, hes fckin rich as fck! hes got money up his ass! he shits money! he pukes money! hes got so much money i bet he dont even need to work anymore! he can just live off his bank savings for the rest of his life! until he dies and rots in MORE money!! its all fckin money for him! wat the fck!!!??? i cant even get enough to pay my cellphone bill, but he shits money!!
  • a visitor   7 years 24 weeks ago
    The poster on April 15th is spot on. Last estimate I saw was 85 million net worth and 15 million in latest years earnings. Forbes is a very reliable source, even when they do have to do some estimating instead of having the final, hard numbers. I even read a wiki answer (which of course could be from anyone) saying he made 600 million a year (what a joke). This is not to say he is not filthy rich by most peoples standards, just that so much information on the internet is totally inaccurate.
  • VISITOR   7 years 32 weeks ago
    That's a lot of money And he has worked very hard for it, although the money simplifies ones life it is never worth the price of your soul, so if your given such a gift that you are put into a position to obtain a substantial income never start caring more about money than humanity after all you will move on to another era of life and the money will stay behind but what you choose to do with the life your given now will determine how the next era of life will be. There is more to this world than what most humans value the most. Live well
  • a visitor   7 years 40 weeks ago
    this estimate is off so much its not even funny. Wayne does not make 113 million per year. You do not get a hourly pay to base off of a 48 hour work week. Thats not how it works. He isnt even on salary. He gets paid a percentage of what he brings in since he generates his own revenue.His current NET WORTH is estimated by forbes as 55 - 75 million. His highest ranking on hip hop cash kings was #6 in 2009 at 18 million brought in. Jay Z was #1 35 million, nothing close to 113 million. HE DOESNT GET PAID BY A 40 hour work week, he creates his own revenue based on how much work he puts in. Not no mention the government takes half his money for taxes because without the government he wouldnt be "free" and wouldnt of had the chance to become a celebrity. Bottom line is he is paid regardless but 113 a year is stupid for who ever posted this. Its even more funny that this person says he makes it "every year" ..... really?, even since the hot boys???? LMAOOOOO no one writes his checks he creates his own revenue for performing a service and selling a product. How much he gets depends on how much he wants to tour and get PR in. Therefore it can drasticly change each year.
  • a visitor   7 years 40 weeks ago
    still not as much as bill gates, really, no comparison in it too, and Bill gates is far from the richest man alive, but lil wayne is still filthy rich.
  • DFresh   7 years 42 weeks ago
    Damn Weezy!.. Hook it up wit a couple G's yo..
  • a visitor   8 years 1 week ago

Best Review - Top 5 Extreme Couponing Episodes

  • Miriam   7 years 6 days ago
    Really enjoyed this list. I learned about this recently on an in flight video. cool!

How Much Money Does Kim Kardashian Make?

  • a visitor   7 years 7 weeks ago
    wtf get fake tits, show your ass and make a porn flick. Only free enterprise in America

How Much Money Does Chris Brown Make?

  • secret   7 years 9 weeks ago
    Um, whoever wrote "This is lame" & blah shit, YOU'RE WRONG! Obviously he does make a lot of money. Otherwise, this website wouldn't post those numbers. Duh! And plus, ever since his song, "Look At Me Now", he became an instant hit and everyone loved him again. Either you need to get your facts straight or your just plain JEALOUS. I like Chris Brown a lot. In fact, he's my model. Even though he did that stupid mistake with Rihanna & everything, I still think he's one of the best. I think he's a truly gifted singer/rapper. I adore & love him. Go Chris Brown! Cheee! ^--^ - A.B* ; HAWAII REP.
  • a visitor   7 years 19 weeks ago
    This is lame. Chris Brown doesn't work a 40 hour week. He doesn't work 48 weeks a year. He makes money in his sleep. This should calculate $25 million divided evenly between all days of the year and all minutes and seconds of the day. He actually makes: $68493.15 per day (if you're generous and don't include the leap year) $2,853 / hour. $47.56 / minute. $0.79 / second Of course these ACTUAL numbers make this page look a lot less impressive.

Best Review - Top 10 Kids Toys of 2011

  • a visitor   7 years 11 weeks ago
    I think one of the top girls for Xmas 2011 is going to be the furreal cookie by hasbro. I gave it to my neice as a gift and she adores it! All her friends want one too! We got ours from [SOME SITE] this gives you the best price on the Market [SURE]

How Much Money Does Nicki Minaj Make?

  • a visitor   7 years 15 weeks ago
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  • dennis richard   7 years 46 weeks ago
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  • boutin jean ronald   7 years 47 weeks ago
    that gurl drive me craziii danmmmmmmm

Best Review - Top 15 Katy Perry Sites

  • a visitor   7 years 19 weeks ago
    pretty cool katy Perry Costume site at Katy Perry Halloween Costumes. [SPAMMER'S LINK REMOVED, AS USUAL... THANK YOU FOR THE KEYWORDS THOUGH]

How Much Money Does Photographers Make?

  • a visitor   7 years 24 weeks ago
    I am a photographer by hobby and own a DSLR, I think there is a huge scope for Wedding photographers and the income is also substantially good.

Best Review - Top 6 Beauty Product Reviews

  • Loreal   7 years 25 weeks ago
    I've had this for only 3 days and I can already feel the difference! I love the brush because it exfoliates without being harsh.

How Much Money Does Shay Carl Make?

  • a visitor   7 years 25 weeks ago
    80 million? Bullshit

Best Review - Top 5 Hair Product Reviews

  • Hydrolyze   7 years 28 weeks ago
    Hey!!!!!!! Nice It's Really nice Product... Please keep it up.... Thanks for sharing...

Best Review - Top 5 Mascaras of 2011

  • TinaAtHome   7 years 35 weeks ago
    The links didn't work.

Best Review - Top 5 Backlink Sites For Your Squidoo Lenses

  • Squidoo Lens Creation   7 years 39 weeks ago
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  • buzz me   8 years 3 weeks ago
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  • dragonangel16137   8 years 10 weeks ago
    ALL very very good ones!! I use squidoo as well and have a site there but really haven't done to much with it unfort...I think I need to go back there and update it that is for sure!!!

Best Review - Top 10 Best Songs of 2011

  • Zentao01   7 years 41 weeks ago
    Nice list of songs. Thanks for the share!

Best Review - Top 20 Universities of 2011

  • Zentao01   7 years 41 weeks ago
    Interesting list. I wonder what you based the ranking criteria on?

Best Review - Top 10 Best 2011 Internet Security and Antivirus Software

  • Zentao01   7 years 41 weeks ago
    Am I too paranoid because I actually have three of these installed and running on my computer?

Best Review - Top 20 Squidoo Tips and Advice Articles

  • barbsbooks   8 years 1 week ago
    I'll have to see how many of these I haven't already read. thanks for putting them all in one place. I added this to my favorites.
  • buzz me   8 years 3 weeks ago
    Very Nice Information.
  • dragonangel16137   8 years 10 weeks ago
    wow thanks for sharing these tips!! i will certainly use some of these to get my lens out there better!!

Best Review - Top 8 SquidooGirl's Lenses

  • kiwisoutback   8 years 13 weeks ago
    I haven't made my first best Reviewer article yet, but I can see that it's a great place to promote your work.
  • Miriam   8 years 13 weeks ago
    Hi there! I am a big squidoo fan too. Thanks for sharing your list and your experiences. I am new to this site and still bumping around and trying to make sense of it. Trying to get rid of that boo boo thing that I saw when I arrived : )

Best Review - Top 10 Gifts for College Students

  • Treasures By Brenda   8 years 14 weeks ago
    Great ideas; my son could use many of these items.

Best Review - Top 4 Chinese Food Recipes

  • bujju   8 years 14 weeks ago
    I am definitely going to try this. Sounds great.

Best Review - Top 5 Cute Halloween Treats and Desserts

  • poddys   8 years 15 weeks ago
    These are great fun ideas for Halloween treats.

Best Review - Top 5 Apple Favorite Recipes

  • kyriana   8 years 15 weeks ago
    Great recipes and very timely. Thanks for posting. These would be great for Halloween or Christmas.