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Best Review - Top 10 Classic British Television Comedies In The USA

  • poddys   6 years 20 weeks ago
    Aggghhh how could I miss Open All Hours, a classic if there was one. It's on my Squidoo lens though, the link is in the intro.
  • poddys   6 years 49 weeks ago
    So many great shows to choose from - and to remember! I loved Open All Hours too, David Jason and Ronnie Barker went to well together.
  • poddys   6 years 49 weeks ago
    Probably the best Fawlty Towers episode ever :)
  • wahmshelley   7 years 1 week ago
    Thanks, Poddys!!!...Keeping Up Appearances, is my favorite from your Top list...I've got to check out the others...Unfortunately, I do love a good comedy...My all time favorite is probably Seinfeld...Have you ever seen it???...I love Jerry's dry humor, but Elaine, George, that Krazy Kramer and all the extras round out the cast of characters... WAHM Shelley... :) WAHM Shelley blogs at This Crazy Life !!!, The Ultimate WAHM Experience and Best Gift Ideas From Best Sellers and Most Wished For at Amazon ...Pop on over and LIKE my blog and leave a comment with your blog/website so that I can check out your great content!!!...I like to share on Twitter and Facebook...
  • EsotericArticles   7 years 1 week ago
    Don't mention the war.
  • TinaAtHome   7 years 1 week ago
    You missed my favorite - Open all hours with Ronnie Barker.

Best Review - Top 5 World War Two Movies

  • History on Film   6 years 36 weeks ago
    While the opening of Saving Private Ryan is amazing, the rest of the movie is riddled with inaccuracies and syrupy melodrama. A Bridge Too Far is an infinitely superior film. Personal favorites are The Dam Busters, Dunkirk and Mrs. Miniver.
  • TilenHrovatic   7 years 37 weeks ago
    Saving Private Ryan is my favorite movie from the list :)
  • warmoviebuff   8 years 7 weeks ago
    Pretty good list. The top 3 are solid. "Battle of the Bulge" does not belong. Very inaccurate. I would replace it with "Enemy at the Gates". Other worthies are "When Trumpets Fade", "A Midnight Clear", "Das Boot", and "Letters from Iwo Jima".
  • mulberry   8 years 11 weeks ago
    I've seen the first three. Tora, tora, tora might be interesting too, may have to add that to my "to see" list.
  • Susan52   8 years 14 weeks ago
    I'm sure my husband has watched all of these World War II movies. He loves that era and is quite a historian. Good choices!
  • Teresa Schultz   8 years 15 weeks ago
    I think my dad really enjoyed that first war movie, The Longest Day. He also enjoys reading war books. Nice collection of war movies.
  • tomradford   8 years 15 weeks ago
    All great films my friend... but I'd have to go for 'Where Eagles Dare' as my favorite. Longest Day is a close second...Mitcham, Wayne, Burton etc etc. Fantastic!

Best Review - Top 6 Civil War Movies (Region 2)

  • Carl Masters   7 years 34 weeks ago
    Does North and South count even though it's a mini series more than a film? Anyway, can't go wrong with any of your picks
  • disberg   8 years 7 weeks ago
    A perfect article. I am having issues with presentation here at Best Review as I see different approaches used. I really thought you handled yours perfectly.

Best Review - Top 8 How To Squidoo Guides

  • TilenHrovatic   7 years 37 weeks ago
    thanks for the useful info and links!
  • barbsbooks   8 years 2 weeks ago
    Great list, but I don't have or plan to buy a Kindle. Do these come in any other form?
  • disberg   8 years 7 weeks ago
    Hi - still looking. Another great job. I FB/Twitter it as I know there are many out there that have issues with this website. I thought it would help them. I only did one. It took me forever and then the link never worked. I just moved on...
  • rahul0077   8 years 7 weeks ago
    interesting post :) great work:) good referrals congrats
  • jeri   8 years 10 weeks ago
    Great list ..I'll be sure to use some of these
  • Susan52   8 years 10 weeks ago
    Interesting! I hadn't seen most of these. Thanks for the list!

Best Review - Top 16 Beatles Albums

  • TilenHrovatic   7 years 37 weeks ago
    Abbey Road all the way! :) :)
  • kiwisoutback   8 years 13 weeks ago
    Great review, I'm a big Beatles fan. My with Mulberry, Abbey Road is my favorite. "Something" and "Here Comes the Sun" are two of my favorite Beatles songs, and they're both on this album. It's one of those albums you can put on and listen to every track without skipping by a single track.
  • mulberry   8 years 13 weeks ago
    I've always loved the Abbey Road album so that would be my first pick. I think George Harrison's song writing really stood on on this one.

Best Review - Top 15 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

  • TilenHrovatic   7 years 37 weeks ago
    The Departed is an awesome movie! Recommended!
  • Pukeko   7 years 49 weeks ago
    Ok, now I know why I never understood all the hype about Leonardo DiCaprio. I have only seen Titanic on this list.
  • termitbronx   8 years 1 day ago
    I didn't watch Shutter Island yet, but I will. Catch Me If You Can and Titanic are great movies, I watched Titanic several times. Inception has a great story, I like it.

Best Review - Top 20 Tom Hanks Movies

  • TilenHrovatic   7 years 37 weeks ago
    I just love Forrest Gump. My favorite movie ever!
  • termitbronx   8 years 1 day ago
    I love Tom Hanks Movies, but Forrest Gump is the best one! I can watch it all the time, really amazing movie.
  • exinco   8 years 2 weeks ago
    i liked tom hanks film very much. he so talent and funny too

Best Review - Top 10 Articles By Tony Payne

  • syahbiz   7 years 39 weeks ago
  • Pukeko   7 years 49 weeks ago
    Hey Tony, I had no idea you did all this other writing. I need to get out more LOL. I also need to branch out more, so any suggestions would be appreciated. You have some interesting and intriguing headlines here. BTW- Kiwi's love beans on toast, they even add a fried egg on top. But you already know that. :)
  • funride   8 years 7 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 10 Bestselling Espresso Coffee Machines

  • writer-23   7 years 39 weeks ago
    Nice list. I love expresso!

Best Review - Top 5 Shipwreck Movies

  • Pukeko   7 years 49 weeks ago
    Great list of some wonderful classic shipwreck movies.

Best Review - Top 6 American Civil War Movies

  • warmoviebuff   8 years 7 weeks ago
    I appreciate your candor. I, too, have my senior moments.
  • poddys   8 years 7 weeks ago
    I stand corrected my friend, it was indeed Cold Mountain that I was thinking about. Unfortunately as some of us get older we suffer with what can best be described as "brain farts", and this was one of mine! Thanks for putting me right. I waited anxiously to see Gods and Generals and saw it when it came out too. Based on the high quality of Gettysburg it had to be a great movie, right! Wrong! I think there was some good acting, but Jackson's speeches just seemed to drag on, the battles were rather confusing at times, and overall it was sadly very disappointing. I guess because I was born in the UK and lived in Indiana for 12 years that the views of slavery that came across in Gods and Generals didn't hit me the same way as they hit you. To me I saw the attitude and beliefs of the Confederates regarding slavery, which I assumed to be as they were back in the day. I don't know enough to tell if this was accurate or not. Looks like I have a review to fix, and since I can't change the number of movies (6) I will add another for some classic Civil War movies, or which there are a number. There is only one other really awful one that I recall, but I can't remember the name of it. I saw it in the UK when it came out, and then on video in the USA a few years ago under a different name. It's about a renegade Confederate company who at the end of the war did not realize it was over, kidnapped 2 women and did quite a bit of killing if I remember correctly. It was just an awful movie though.
  • warmoviebuff   8 years 7 weeks ago
    Poddys, you have got to be kidding me! This is very perplexing. Your comment leads me to believe you are referring to "Cold Mountain" which would make sense because it is an excellent movie and is set in the Civil War and does cover the home front as well as some combat. However, your review is clearly about "Brokeback Mountain" which is undoubtedly not a movie that is in any way about the Civil War. What the heck is going on here? This is bizarre. Secondly, I stand behind my comment about "Gods and Generals" and feel I have the cred to dis it. I am a Southerner and have read extensively about the Civil War. I always "rooted" for the Army of Nothern Virginia in my reading. I made a special trip to see "Gods" on opening day and was very disappointed in it and appalled by its idealization of slavery. It is nowhere near as good as "Gettysburg" and does not belong in the top 5 Civil War movies. Not when you have "Red Badge of Courage", "Shenandoah", "Ride with the Devil", and "Andersonville" out there. In conclusion, "Gods and Generals" got a 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Nuff said.
  • poddys   8 years 7 weeks ago
    Oh dear it just goes to show you can't please everyone... Brokeback Mountain is a Civil War period movie is it not, and it has some battle scenes as well, plus a lot of scenes about the horrors that were going on back home in some parts of the country during the war. If you disqualify Gods And Generals (which is actually not one of MY favorite movies actually), then pretty much all war movies would have to be excluded from lists for some reason or other. What has the depiction of a slave who idolozes his master got to do with anything?
  • warmoviebuff   8 years 7 weeks ago
    "Brokeback Mountain"? Did you read the title of your post? In what universe is that a Civil War movie? Talk about destroying your credibility. Also, "Gods and Generals" should be disqualified for its offensive depiction of a slave who idolizes his master Jackson. "The Red Badge of Courage" belongs on the list.

Best Review - Top 7 Mario Games For The Nintendo Wii

  • kiwisoutback   8 years 11 weeks ago
    New Super Mario Bros Wii is an awesome game. I'd highly recommend that one. I also have Super Mario Galaxy 2 but I haven't really had time to play it yet.
  • mulberry   8 years 13 weeks ago
    The Mario Kart Wii sounds like a perfect gift for my husband actually. But, he would probably ban it entirely because he knows how addicted he would become.

Best Review - Top 5 Adam Sandler Movies

  • tandemonimom   8 years 11 weeks ago
    50 First Dates is the only film on this list that I've seen, but I loved it! Maybe I'll have to check out the others.
  • Susan52   8 years 14 weeks ago
    I loved 50 First Dates the best. Adam Sandler is certainly a versatile actor.
  • mulberry   8 years 14 weeks ago
    I haven't seen anything comedic in awhile. Thanks for the recommendations!

Best Review - Top 4 Slideshows Of Trengwainton Garden In Cornwall

  • mulberry   8 years 14 weeks ago
    Lovely. The Azalias were very, very nice.

Best Review - Top 3 Nintendo Wii Cheerleader Games

  • Treasures By Brenda   8 years 14 weeks ago
    Who knew there were Nintendo Wii games about cheerleaders!?!
  • mulberry   8 years 14 weeks ago
    I'm sure I would have love this one a kid.

Best Review - Top 12 Nintendo Wii Dance Video Games

  • mulberry   8 years 14 weeks ago
    I don't have a Wii by my nephew does. It is great fun. Would love to try some of these Dance versions.

Best Review - Top 5 Slideshows Of Polperro In Cornwall

  • a visitor   8 years 15 weeks ago
    Love the photos. England is such a gorgeous place. I loved London!