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Best Review - Top 6 online payment services

  • lordt   6 years 2 weeks ago
    Maybe you can add the number of users. The payment systems have 2 important measures: the fees and the number users.
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 3 weeks ago
    They all have a significant number of users.
  • lordt   6 years 3 weeks ago
    I am just wondering how many users do these services have. PayPal is the number one and I think Moneybookers is the second largest but I have never heard about the others.
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 3 weeks ago
    I am glad you find them useful. Paypal is not used in every country, and have cross border rates that can be prohibitive!
  • jimformation   6 years 3 weeks ago
    Hadn't heard of most of these. Thanks!
  • TinaAtHome   6 years 3 weeks ago
    Thank you for that list. I haven't heard of paxum, I must check them out.

Best Review - Top 4 superfoods to boost your health and weight loss

  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 5 weeks ago
    Tip: add 5/6 dried Goji berries to your cup of green tea for extra health benefits!

Best Review - Top 6 CPA Network that will make you more money than AdSense! Guaranteed!

  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 33 weeks ago
    This top seems to be missing on the new site...

Best Review - Top 13 Web 2.0 Sites I Use For Backlinking

  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 42 weeks ago
    Thank you Miriam!
  • Miriam   6 years 42 weeks ago
    Great list! backlinks is the way to go

Best Review - Top 6 Hottest Money Making Opportunities on ClickBank (English)

  • james   6 years 46 weeks ago
    I can tell you it's hard to work with mentally ill people.. I don't know how to react, simply delete the user or make him look like the stupid person he/she is? I don't have time for this now... Usually I have time, but it's really bad timing now, I can't play.. So please myspace myass, get your brain together, and stop writing stupid things.. You look stupid; you know that, don't you? If you don't stop then I have no choice because I can't slap you, I can only delete your account (oh, so big, 4 tops, what a loss...) Pfff.. I'm tired.. I think in one or two weeks I will feel better, it's just that I have to take care of things in real life, and really it's bad timing.. otherwise myspace, I would have reacted differently, maybe I would even have wasted time explaining things to you... but now, not possible I really have to sleep and tomorrow I have a busy day, outside of internet, sad I know..
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    This is not my publisher ID showing on this top either!! Definitely not!
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 47 weeks ago
    Consistency plus selecting the good products. There is a lot of junk out there too!
  • Miriam   6 years 47 weeks ago
    Glad to hear you are doing well with CB. Putting in a consistent effort is the key.
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 47 weeks ago
    Feel free to share with me here which affiliate programs you have tried, and which are your top 8 money making opportunities. Thanks!

Best Review - Top 5 Reads About Occupy Wall Street

  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    This is not my publisher ID showing on this top!! Definitely not!
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 47 weeks ago
    A good source of readings to start understanding the amplitude of OWS

Best Review - Top 5 Killer Games of the Century!

  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    Do you guys play any game at all????
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 48 weeks ago
    Please comment guys and bear in mind this is my first TOP. Thanks you!

Best Review - Top 3 Methods to Learn Spanish

  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    in short: There are ads on my TOPS, but the ADSENSE ID is NOT my ADSENSE ID!!! So I don't get any adsense revenue at all!!!
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    OK I logged from a different computer and a different browser (I was not logged in on the computer). I still see that the Publisher ID is not MINE! Here is the code copied directly from the source code of my TOPS: You can see that the PUB ID is 5747460757999088 What is my PUB ID? You mentioned it rightly in your previous comment: 5436046551176309 You are putting someone else Adsense on MY TOPS! IT IS NOT MY ADSENSE ID!!! It is very easy for you to check. Just open any of my TOPS, look at the source code and you will see the adsense ID! I am sure you know how to do that!
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    Yes My Adsense ID is correct. Custom URL is working perfectly well for all my sites. Now go to one of my tops, let's say: Do: VIEW SOURCE Scroll down a bit and look at the AdSense Code on that page: The PUB ID is : pub-5747460757999088 It is not mine. Your system is putting SOMEONE ELSE PUB ID on my tops. Plus I selected a different ad size. On that page the ad size is 468x60. I never use this kind of size as it is poorly performing. I always use either 300x250 or 336x280 Could you plus put back my or PUB ID on my posts? Thank you
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    I did this option one week ago when I modified my publisher ID here: - in AdSense admin, create a new URL CHANNEL and input the url BEST-REVIEWER.COM when asked for an url. BEST-REVIEWER.COM shows on my adsense URL channels, but with 0 impression When I check the source code on my tops on BEST-REVIEWER.COM, it shows ANOTHER publisher ID which is not mine. Would you mind to look into that?
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    Hi James, It is just that the adsense ID that is displayed on my TOPS is not mine. May be it is my old adsense ID as I just updated the new one last week and I don't know if the update is automatic or not. I did add the URL in my AdSense so I shouldn't be needed to ad a custom channel as well, correct? Anyway it is just displaying the wrong ID. I think may be my update was not taken into consideration. Could you please look into that? Thank you in advance
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    OK after investigating further, i looked at the source and the code it shows there is not mine (it is showing pub-5747460757999088). Plus the size of the ad shown on the post is different from the one I selected. Help!
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 46 weeks ago
    OK here is the problem: I changed my adsense ID here on Best Reviewers about a week ago. I immediately added the best reviewer ID in my adsense account to follow up how it goes. The thing is after4-5 days is still have 0 IMPRESSIONS although I visited my posts a few times, plus I saw some comment on one of them so it means another person visited them too at least. So there should be a minimum of a few impression each day. How can that be possible?
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 47 weeks ago
    Ola! If you have your own method of learning Spanish, let us know in the comments below!