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Best Review - Top 5 Link Building Articles

  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 10 weeks ago
    very informative tips, thanks a lot
  • tamron   6 years 38 weeks ago
    Great work Girl! Ping Ya!
  • Zentao01   7 years 3 weeks ago
    NIce links. Good stuff
  • Novem   7 years 4 weeks ago
    good writing, jade. honest, clear and helpful.
  • pwarlick   7 years 4 weeks ago
    I love your tips, thank you.

Best Review - Top 5 Personal Security Tips

  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 13 weeks ago
    That's quite interesting. Thank you for sharing.

Best Review - Top 15 Google Adsense Sharing Sites Reviewed

  • james   6 years 15 weeks ago
    It's ok, we can all relax. There are many problems as soon as people are involved. That's why I enjoy SO MUCH of having no boss, no co-worker, no customers to deal with, because that is really boring. OK, I have members of my sites to deal with, but it's easy, they're not my boss, not co-worker, no friend, no customer, but more than mere visitors. So anyway, sometimes too I have to delete things on the site for whatever reason, and obviously the real person who is at the receiving end of this deletion is NEVER happy about it. My solution is just relax and don't think about it.. Sometimes yes I have written about some things that happened, but most of the time it is very quick to just let it go, better for stressless life to continue a little while longer. :-) OK, so the truce will never happen since it must come only from one person, the one who got his content deleted. While the webmaster who deleted stuff, for whatever reason, doesn't feel any happy or sad about the whole thing, even if it was a mistake it doesn't affect the webmaster even a bit. So be calm and don't think negatively about things, and if some things cannot be thought about positively (or you can't) then simply stop thinking about those things. Force yourself to think only abut things that YOU can think about positively.
  • javaman   6 years 15 weeks ago
    You were asked to contact us by email so we could help you - we never heard from you. Whose fault is that. Get a grip!
  • javaman   6 years 15 weeks ago
    First of all, usually posts are not deleted. They are marked unwanted giving time for correction of the problems. If nothing is done then yes they are deleted. It has nothing to do with what other websites they may or may not be writing on. How about either a truce on this or you just stuff it. I can carry this over to the forum on Infobarrel if you would like me to do that. I know for a fact that no posts were deleted soley because they were from Infobarrel. That is because I am the only one that does the deletions. Unfortunately too many people, and not just from Infobarrel, come to the site and are unable to read the clear instructions about what they can and cannot post. Just as many Infobarrel members as from any other source continue to post with no regard to the fact that they are only copy and paste artists. Live with it
  • JadeDragon   6 years 15 weeks ago
    Some of these sites are dead or have changed - but I can't see how to change the top. So... as your own research.
  • JadeDragon   6 years 15 weeks ago
    @javaman - it is hard to show deleted posts - they are gone. No one ever offered me any notice or opportunity to discuss anything, so please don't go around lying. Infopirate did delete posts ONLY because they were from Infobarrel members. That's a fact. There has to be better things to do online than running around posting lies about respected writers.
  • shelpeare   6 years 39 weeks ago
    Thanks for the info. Check out these 100 Google Adsense sharing sites arranged alphabetically here..
  • javaman   7 years 8 weeks ago
    What a crock - the author of this top had been posting on Infopirate in total cut and paste manner. The material was totally UNORIGINAL - The facts remain to speak for themselves. Infopirate has the best eCPM of all revenue sharing websites. Infopirate was the FIRST revenue sharing web 2.0 website in the world. Infopirate has web tips posts regularly listed on the top 10 positions for Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines. Infopirate is finally being allowed by google to climb out of the sandbox it was put in because of Russian Spammers. The complaint bye Jade Dragon is just sour grapes. We have offered her the chance to show us the posts that were "for no good reason" deleted but she has failed to do so. Infopirates make money just as best reviewer members make money. Come join us. Thanks, Javaman
  • javaman   7 years 8 weeks ago
    Best Reviewer WebSite is the Best
  • javaman   7 years 8 weeks ago
    There are no web tips deleted from Infopirate for "no good reason" . If you feel you have had a web tip deleted unfairly send us an email and we will review. Mistakes can happen but we have three content checking programs that check for dupicate content. These are Foxy SEO on Mozilla browsers and If you check your web tips with these programs and they pass the test I guarantee no web tips will be deleted. As for spamming your top - I have no idea what you are talking about. Please send me an example of what you mean. Perhaps the way data is aggressively promoted by Best Reviewer web site has done this. I certainly have no time to be spamming your Best Reviewer Posts. You are certainly in your rights to recommend or not recommend any website you want but the facts speak for themselves - Infopirate was the FIRST web 2.0 revenue sharing website IN THE WORLD and only attacks from russian spammers caused IP to temporarily be put in the sand box by google. This has been reviewed and we are finally being allowed to crawl back out. If you compare your eCPM rates from Infopirate to almost any other website you will find consistently that Infopirate is on top. I urge you to contact me by email so I can explain what your previous posts on IP we lacking in. Many of the posts were good but the content did not come close to matching the topic keywords you put down for the post. We can help you improve on that. Hope to see you soon - thanks - Javaman
  • cceerpp   7 years 8 weeks ago
    Thank you very much for sharing these online jewels.
  • Pukeko   7 years 10 weeks ago
    I have written about 300 Squidoo lenses and it's time to diversify. Thanks for this. It gives me a great place to start.
  • JadeDragon   7 years 19 weeks ago
    @javaman. Please don't spam my top with your referral links to IP. Your site just deleted my posts for no good reason because I am an Infobarrel member. Fight the spammers sure, but I'm not spamming anyone. I do not recommend IP for now.
  • JadeDragon   7 years 19 weeks ago
    Yes, this copying was noted in my review. It looks like Page360 has stopped using Adsense now. Not recommended as a result.
  • BrianRS   7 years 24 weeks ago
    Pretty useful list, glad to see you stayed loyal on the first 2. I use lots of these already but you have showed me a few new ones to check out. Thanks for sharing.
  • JadeDragon   7 years 25 weeks ago
    I hope these are helpful. A little adsense from each ads up!
  • Cashmere Lashkari   7 years 25 weeks ago
    Thank you for sharing. I found about ten sites I had no clue about!
  • mulberry   7 years 25 weeks ago
    Always good to learn about more AdSense sharing sites. Thanks!
  • dragonangel16137   7 years 25 weeks ago
    I hope it does as well jade!! Thanks for the compliment on my name!! I put it together as part of my and my husbands intersts!! :D
  • JadeDragon   7 years 25 weeks ago
    Hope the isell site works well for you dragonangel (great name by the way!)
  • JadeDragon   7 years 25 weeks ago
    I agree with your comments. Page360 is definitely Pakistan based. If you use SheToldMe it is going to feel very familiar because they copied many elements from STM. It does share Adsense revenue, provide links, and give a number of other options though, so I still listed it.
  • javaman   7 years 26 weeks ago
    You missed Last year was the biggest revenue sharing payer to members on the Internet. Then in April they got hit by Russian Spammers and traffic dropped like a rock. Now it's back up again, thanks to being picked up by Bing and Yahoo and we hope that Google is starting to take notice. is monitored 24 hours a day now and provides advice to members on how to increase their revenue from the site. Therefor it's a great site for newbies. Try it and make some money. [url to infopirate removed since the top's author had a bad experience with this site] Thank you, Javaman moderator
  • dragonangel16137   7 years 26 weeks ago
    wow very nice sites to check out. i plan on checking out the free classified ad one so I can get my links out there!! Thanks for sharing these!
  • Alliax   7 years 26 weeks ago
    Your guides are very well written, we can read they are not done in 5 minutes. Note that page360 has copied all content pages from SheToldMe, it's obvious by reading the pages devoted to explaining the revenue sharing, try it even the url are the same, even the user registration has the same intro text, shameless. Same for the icons on top right, before I had the blue rss which I changed to orange recently, but those are icons I made the reflection myself, so it's also obvious. It does say something about the webmaster of Page360 although it is clear that he can install and customize Drupal, and is certainly better than me for designing a graphic template, he is unable or unwilling to update the text content and never answered my email about it..

Best Review - Top 3 Copper Bullion Articles

  • Pukeko   7 years 10 weeks ago
    Interesting. I had never really thought about bullion before last night when my neighbour brought it up. But he was talking about gold. I will have to look into some of these articles on copper bullion.

Best Review - Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts for Guys

  • Pukeko   7 years 10 weeks ago
    Fun selection of valentines gifts for guys. Not so sure mine would like the exercise, but the others would all be hits. Something for everyone here.
  • jseven   7 years 17 weeks ago
    Great ideas for Valentine's Day, I hope it comes fast cause then winter will go away. lol~

Best Review - Top 5 Ehow Articles by Traffic

  • lynsuz   7 years 12 weeks ago
    Great tops. I didn't know you were and eHower. Will have to check into it to see if we are friends there.

Best Review - Top 10 Sites to Build Backlinks On and Make Money Too

  • BrianRS   7 years 24 weeks ago
    Great list, and I see you are staying loyal for the first 2. I will have to look at the infomine because I run a lot of travel information sites.
  • JadeDragon   7 years 25 weeks ago
    I've got tons of info on my blog about link building - had to learn this over the last year and decided to blog about what works and does not work and how to earn more from creating those links. Glad someone reads my comments - that warms my heart :)
  • Pukeko   7 years 26 weeks ago
    Thanks for making this very useful list. I am pretty new to internet, and the world of backlinks and SEO, so it is very useful for me. Thanks also for leaving me a comment, or I may not have found you :)
  • JadeDragon   7 years 27 weeks ago
    Glad the list is helpful to you. Best of luck :)
  • opajdara   7 years 27 weeks ago
    Thanks for sharing this. Half of the sites you mentioned are new to me, I'll definitely check them out. Opajdara

Best Review - Top 5 Articles on Copper Bullion Investing

  • JadeDragon   7 years 25 weeks ago
    I like hard assets and copper is a hard asset that has really been rising in price due to China and India demand that is not going away.
  • mulberry   7 years 26 weeks ago
    Very educational. I'm always interested in better investing opportunities.