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Best Review - Top 3 Upcoming Games Shrouded in Mystery

  • EsotericArticles   6 years 22 weeks ago
    Doom 3 was actually surprisingly awesome, its atmosphere was absolutely intense.
  • james   6 years 33 weeks ago
    I won't like doom for sure. Now I like realistic looking games such as battlefield 3 and the upcoming GTA V. But I wish there was much more gore in those games.. But the trend is rather in less gore and more politically correct.. That's a shame, but I understand the game publishers, they don't want their game to be forbidden, also they don't want their game to be allowed to be sold only in adult stores.. But if there could be gorish version with no limits, available only online, that would be nice. :-)

Best Review - Top 4 Reasons to Join QWhatDo

  • EsotericArticles   6 years 22 weeks ago
    Haha just saw this comment! I have been meaning to get another advertisement going up there soon, it was actually the best for driving targeted traffic.
  • james   6 years 33 weeks ago
    TOP 5: QWhatDo is advertizing on Best Reviewer's 125x125 graphical ads at the top!

Best Review - Top 8 Backlink Methods

  • jimformation   6 years 27 weeks ago
    Hey thanks! There are some new ones in here I hadn't heard of.

Best Review - Top 3 Free Video Editors

  • jimformation   6 years 33 weeks ago
    Nice. Thanks for these. I hadn't heard of them.

Best Review - Top 3 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Listed On Google

  • smcopywrite   6 years 44 weeks ago
    great tips and information. thanks for sharing. nearly anyone with a site worries about google constantly. nice ot know info

Best Review - Top 3 Things Skyrim Will Struggle to Beat About Oblivion

  • james   6 years 48 weeks ago
    Haven't heard of this game, I'll have to check it out what it's about.. But at the moment I have much projects that I need to motivate myself to start again, so gaming is out of the question except for the occasional (well, daily) dose of Battlefield 3 on PS3..

Best Review - Top 3 Improvements Battlefield 3 Made Over Battlefield 2

  • james   6 years 51 weeks ago
    I meant to buy it when it is released.. I haven't followed when was the release date. So I will buy it today or tomorrow, need to go to the IT shop in Pattaya.

Best Review - Top 3 Useful Lists for Webmasters From Esoteric Articles

  • Mike turner   6 years 51 weeks ago
    thanks for the info dude

Best Review - Top 3 Most Fun Chat Bots

  • EsotericArticles   7 years 1 day ago
    Not really sure precisely what that has to do with the most fun chat bots, unless you are into that sort of thing!
  • Video Chat   7 years 1 week ago
    many video chat rooms are flooded with bots. Make sure to ask for a webcam.

Best Review - Top 3 Horror Movies

  • EsotericArticles   7 years 7 weeks ago
    I personally found the Hellraise movies corny and silly, though a potentially great concept.
  • Anna   7 years 46 weeks ago
    My horror movie recommendation: Check out UK Indie Horror film The Possession of David O'Reilly

Best Review - Top 3 Hardest Chatter Bots to Trick

  • EsotericArticles   7 years 7 weeks ago
    That is hilarious! One of the best videos I have seen, so funny.
  • james   7 years 7 weeks ago
    Hi, have you seen this video of two chatter bots having a conversation? What happens when you let two bots have a conversation? We certainly never expected this...

Best Review - Top 5 Five Horror Games

  • a visitor   7 years 44 weeks ago
    Very poor list. Good number one, the rest is all crap.